Going Natural

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention before, maybe I missed it, maybe I didn’t care enough, maybe there was no way I would actually do it, or maybe this is the new “thing”, but whatever the case may be it seems like more and more of my fellow brown Queens are “Going Natural”. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or aren’t brown, or are like me and just not quite sure of the technical definition, Going Natural means in some form or variation of another that you will no longer be using relaxers, perms, etc and letting you’re hair grow out to it’s natural state.

Now *I* feel like there’s levels to this. Kinda like being part of the vegetarian lifestyle. Like there are those who don’t eat meat, then there are those who don’t eat meat but eat fish, then there are those whose don’t eat meat, fish, eggs, milk etc. Well in MY opinion, from what I’ve seen, that’s the same kind of thing with Natural Hair. I’ve seen my brown Queens with afros, I’ve seen some with their natural hair in braids or loc’d, I’ve seen some with their hair under wigs, and I’ve seen some with their kinky curls flat ironed out. Whatever the case may be, it seems like this is becoming more and more popular in the African American culture.

And then there’s me. I’ve gotten relaxers my whole life since a young child, and to be honest my hair isn’t even that “difficult” on it’s own, but that’s what my mother did so as I got older I continued. I’ve worn weaves, wigs, gotten it braided, but I’ve always had it relaxed. My hair is about shoulder length and I’ve been quite pleased with it’s texture and overall maintenance…while relaxed. But then I had my second prince and something changed. I know that there are hormone changes with having a baby and many Queens say that while they were pregnant their hair grew longer, only to have it fall out after birth. This wasn’t really an issue with my firstborn. I noticed no change. With my baby boy however, things changed a lot. At first I thought it was stress. Then I realized that yes, I have a lot on my plate but I wouldn’t say I was stressed. I tried switching up products. Nothing seemed to work. Something was happening.  The texture was  just awful and uneven. It was dry. No matter how much I moisturized it. I was just dry! And it was falling out. BAD. EVERYWHERE. All the time. Couldn’t even it comb or brush it without it falling out in clumps. My edges? GONE! I knew it had gotten bad when my husband, who generally thinks I look like a beauty queen at all times, (no seriously he really does! Love that man) mentioned to me that my hair was thinning out. That’s when I did it. At that moment I realized it….

I needed to Go Natural. That had to be it. My years of using relaxers and my faithful alliance to ORS (which used to be called Organic Root Stimulator but is now called ORS? Hmmm maybe because their products ain’t organic at all! *side eye* ) relaxers and products have finally caught up with me. After my pregnancy hormonal changes maybe my hair said enough! I can’t take the harsh chemcials any longer. Or maybe, and I hate to say it, but maybe I’m just old and my hair, like my body because I swear I did not have this extra 10 lbs hanging around after my first child, just can’t bounce back like it once did. Regardless, something has to been done and I feel like becoming Natural may be the answer.

So in addition to everryyythinnngg else I have going on in my kingdom, I can now add Natural Hair to my list.

If any natural queens have tips, tricks, websites, blogs, please let me know! I am SUPER NEW to this so I’ll need all the help I can get! I am so excited to share yet another part of my life journey with you all!


This Brown Queen


3 thoughts on “Going Natural

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  2. It’s a process. I’ve gone natural twice lol. Don’t ask me how. I love my curls but when I got pregnant with my second I couldn’t handle not be able to get a comb through my hair without difficulty. So relaxers were my answer. I’m debating going natural again for the 3rd time, but my mind is not fully made up. It seems so expensive to do. I’ve blown tons of money on natural hair care. Sorry for rambling but youtube is where I found all of my help! Overall you’ll figure out what works for you.

  3. Wow, girl you have been through some stuff with your baby, poor girl, and yes, it looks likes it’s natural for you dear!!!! 🙂 Will keep posted of your progress and keep us updated.
    Some great websites are: Black Hair Information, Curly Nikki, Black Girl with Long Hair, NapturallyCury.com and all the wonderful transitoners and naturalistas at WordPress.com!!!

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