I’m A Dance Wife

One of the most interesting aspects of my life is that I’m married to a professional dancer. My husband is the Assistant Artistic Director of a Hip Hop dance company that performs locally, nationally, and internationally. I use the word “interesting” because that’s really the only word that I can really use to describe my lifestyle as the Queen of a Dance King. It’s interesting. My husband’s demanding profession comes with a lot of baggage. It’s a double-sided coin this life. There’s the fact that I married to an artist. And anyone who knows artists know how they are about their passion. On one hand it’s inspiring. To see him perform, to see how passionate he is about what he does, you can’t not be inspired at his story. But with great passion comes great sacrifice. Which for my family means, birthdays are missed, holidays are passed without him, month long tours leave me feeling like a single parent, missing my husband, lonely nights. Sometimes I feel as though we (myself and the kids) are the only ones who feel the sacrifice of his profession…which I’m sure isn’t true. I can only wonder what he feels being away so often. But he’s doing what he loves. His career is his passion. And to see from where he’s come it’s truly an inspiration.

There are ups and downs as with any profession or circumstance. So instead of looking at the glass half empty, choose to think of it as half full. I found that positivity is key. I’m inspired by my husband. To do what I love. He opens my eyes to a different world. A different way of thinking. That anything is possible.


This Brown Queen

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