Happy Resurrection Sunday!

If you’re a Christian today is an important day! It’s Easter! The day that Jesus Christ was resurrected! In many denominations today is also know as Resurrection Sunday. I wanted to quickly post about this holiday to everyone whether you’re Christian or not.

Today is all about rebirth. In the Christian religion today is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected from His grave after dying on the  cross for our sins. If you aren’t Christian I believe you can still gain knowledge and celebrate this holiday for what it stands for. A day where you are born again. From whatever “death” you have experienced in life. You can be reborn from whatever destruction or turmoil that you were in. Whether that be friendships, relationships, job loss, etc. God can resurrect you from that and you can live again!

Enjoy this holiday and take time to really think about the meaning. Both religiously and spiritually. Whichever fits you best. Happy Resurrection Sunday to you all!


This Brown Queen

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