Relax, Dream, Believe


This is a picture of my coffee cup. I drink my coffee out of it every morning at work and I leave it right on my desk in plain sight and every so often (a thousand times a day) I look at it for reassurance, for a reminder, for that push to get me through my day.

I, like many of us, work a (semi)-traditional office job. I say semi because the actual company I work for is interesting and my work environment is very relaxed. I work for an inventor and he’s a little crazy…in a good way. Our office is like a family. Everyone knows each other. There’s often kids running around. Dress code is non-existent. And the overall atmosphere is really laid back. I don’t have a “real” schedule. Most of my coworkers work full time. I don’t. I work about 25 – 30 hours a week. It’s really flexible which works wonderfully for my family. I’m not complaining about my salary either. Many of my family and friends comment on how lucky I am to have such a job. I agree, I am very blessed.

But…there’s something missing. I don’t dislike my work. It’s just that. Work. I work in an office. I do office work. Sure there are some highlights (like traveling to trade shows) that break up the monotony. But those situations are few and far between. Overall, it’s a desk job. I don’t love it. Don’t hate it. So I would assume what I’m missing is passion. I’m missing that fire, that fuel, that driving force. What is it? Where is it? How can I find it?

Many of you have heard the saying “When you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. I want to be that person. I want to never work a day in my life. But where and how do I begin? I’m a lover of many many things. My mind runs a mile a minute. I have ideas by the boatload, thoughts by the millions, interests to the sky, and the attention span of a toddler. There’s no way I can focus alllll of that into one passion. But it has to be done.

I just have to figure out how…


This Brown Queen

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