My Life in 32 Days: The First 10

So actually it’s been 13 days into My Life In 32 Days, but whose counting? It has been interesting but refreshing! The first 10 days of this journey I made some simple but lifechanging decisions.

1.) I decided that I was done with the creamy crack aka relaxers and transitioning to natural hair. Check out my “Hair” posts to see how that’s coming along. I was on Skype with my King last night and sporting my first two strand twists…he said he liked it and didn’t understand why I decided to wait until he left to go natural. I told him that he takes up a lot of my time ;).  I don’t think he liked that explanation too much! But it is what it is!

2.) I stepped outside of my comfort zone and had my first freelance make up client. I was FREAKING OUT. Queens, I’m serious. I get compliments all the time on my make up. But it’s me. I don’t really care if others like what’s on MY face. It’s mine. But to do someone elses? I was a nervous wreck. But I played it oh so cool. She loved it! SCORE! I’m still nervous but I suppose I should go ahead a book another. I did afterall buy 2 palettes for freelance work. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

3.) I connected with some photographers to get back into my first love and hobby. Modeling. I used to model pre baby days…until my princes turned my cute as a boot tummy into some type of warzone. I love my babies but stretch marks are no joke! I stopped modeling because who wants a marked model :(. I’m gonna find somebody who does. I’m in the process of booking a shoot right now! Take that!

4.) Meal Planning to eat better and save money. I heard looking good starts from within. And anyone who knows me, knows this Queen is the Queen of fast food. Don’t hate me. I’m ashamed. But I’m changing that! I started meal planning so that I could eat healthier, feed my children better, save money, and save time! So far, so good! I’m LOVING it!

And on the other side of the world:

My husband is currently in Belarus! He was in the Ukraine first. So far he’s done youth outreach to orphanages, performed at Hip Hop International Ukraine, workshops for disabled youth, and master classes. He is changing lives overseas and they are changing his life as well. Miss him like crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


This Brown Queen

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