Meal Planning 101

Saved my whole life this week Queens. And my princes lives too. Who would have thought something so simple could have such a positive impact on my life!

As part of My Life in 32 Days, I decided that I wanted to develop healthier eating habits for myself and my kingdom. I, like many of us, am always so busy on a day to day basis. I work daily, and I have afterschool activities for the kids, along with activities for my husband, working on my craft, and the list can go on…like forever…but we don’t have time for that here. Point blank I’m ashamed to say that Take Out was my best friend. I can honestly say that we would eat out 90% of the week. Not only was this ridiculously unhealthy, but insanely expensive. So with hubby gone, I was determined develop, maintain, and be awesome at feeding my family! So that’s what I did.

I started by looking up some simple recipes on Pinterst. I am a really good cook, if I must say ;). But I don’t have TIME to cook. My aim was for simple meals, that were healthy, and delicious, that my princes would eat. Pinterest is my best friend. I picked out a few recipes and mixed in some simple recipes of my own and made my grocery list. Sunday early evening I cooked all my meat for the week. I cooked 2 lbs of boneless chicken breast, 1 lb of ground beef, and half a bag of frozen chicken wings. I froze everything besides what we were eating for dinner that night.

Here’s what and how we ate:

Sunday: Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Monday: Baked BBQ chicken wings, brown rice, sweet corn (The wings were refrigerated so I simply heated them up, threw on minute brown rice and frozen sweet corn. 15 minutes TOPS)

Tuesday: Hamburger Helper, peas & carrots (I had completely made the hamburger helper on Sunday and froze it. Took it out and let it thaw through the day. Heated to eat with peas & carrots. 5 minutes)

Wednesday: Leftovers (Need I say more?)

Thursday: Make your own Chicken Tacos (Used the rest of the boneless chicken, thawed the night before and heated with peppers night of. The kids loved this! I set up an assembly line, wheat tortillas, salsa, cheese, sour cream and let them make their own. SUCCESS!)

Friday: Kids Choice! Little Caesar’s pizza Only $5 for a large! (I allowed us ONE day a week for cheat day. It’s a Kids Choice day so they wanted pizza.)

Saturday: Baked Chicken nuggets and Fries 🙂 (Saturday is a simple day. I usually do a big breakfast so minimal to NO desire to be in the kitchen the remainder of the day.

I’m new to this and I really want to incorporate healthier meals but I think I did good for my first week! We were actually able to eat REAL meals! My hubby is going to fall in love all over again! My princes ate EVERYTHING. SUCCESS!! Most importantly they were getting healthy food that I prepared. And I saved money! I’ll post next weeks plan soon. Not that ya’ll care but I’m still gonna share my growth!


This Brown Queen

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