My Curly Queen Transition: Week 2

Better!!! That’s all I have to say. I could really end the post here but what fun would that be?! So instead I’m going to tell you Queens all about my 2nd week of transitioning. I’ll break it down in sections because if I don’t, this will become one long rambling mess and no one needs that 😉

Products I used:

1.) Pantene Truly Natural Co-Wash

2.) Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Repair Cream

3.) African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil.

What I did:

On wash day I didn’t use a shampoo. I decided to cowash and used the Pantene Truly Natural Co-Wash. I detangled with that in my hair and rinsed completely out. I didn’t use another conditioner…I think that was a bad idea :-/. I then used the Cantu Shea Butter Leave in. I am not using heat right now so I did my bun method to stretch and dry. On day 1 I wore my bun. On day 2 I did my epic failed flat twist. On day 3 I did two strand twists. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. I liked it so much that I actually took it out and did it “the right way”. I hate to admit this but I half-axxed my first attempt. But I liked the results so much that I did them over and wore them the remainder of the week. LOVED THEM! I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found my go to transitioning style for now.

How I did my twists:

I sectioned my hair in 6…yes 6 sections. My hair is one hundred thousand million different textures and lengths right now. I sectioned my hair based on that and the way that I wanted my twists to lay. In each section I would part my hair, dampen that parted section, apply my cantu leave in, seal with the african pride olive oil, do a few twists for each parted section, and move on. After I was done I used those soft twist rollers on the ends to help keep them in and make sure they laid right. I used about 6.

My thoughts:

I am loving my two strand twists. They take forever to do but once done I’m in love! I don’t wear them down yet, they have to be styled, pinned up or back, bunned etc. My hair is thin right now due to losing hair after my prince and I still have a head full of super crazy relaxed hair. I like my cantu leave in so that will remain in my regimen for now. I have no desire to use the Pantene Co-Wash again.

What I Need:

1.) A mild shampoo. I don’t think I’m a fan of cowashing. I won’t rule it out as I know it is something my natural queens live by. At this time though I think on a weekly basis I need to shampoo. If I cowash I would only prefer to do midweek or between washes.

2.) A conditioner. I only have the Pantene Deep Conditioner but I need a conditioner to use regularly, after shampoo washes, for cowashes, or just as an added conditioner.

3.) A sealing oil. I’m not really a fan of the African Pride. I don’t hate it…I’m just sure there is another oil I’d like better.

4.) A styling gel. I don’t think wash n go’s are in my immediate future but I would like to have one on hand.

I’m feeling more comfortable. I’m still embracing the fact that I’m awesome at finding out what my hair doesn’t like ;).

The journey continues…


This Brown Queen

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