It’s the Little Things…

*Singing* It’s the little thingsss. And the joy they bring! ~India Arie

2013-04-18 12-1.07.30

Every now and again…I get a little treat at work that makes me crack a smile on my most hectic of days. We all have rough day at work. Whether you love your job, absolutely hate it, or simply tolerate it…not everyday is sunshine and roses. After having a particularly hectic morning, I came back to my desk after a meeting to find this months issue of Vogue. I looked around wondering, who put this here? Upon further inspection I noticed the magazine was addressed to me. I don’t have a Vogue subscription…But I will gladly take this with me on my lunch! It was a nice day, so I sat outside at a nearby park, ate, and drooled over Michael Kors watches and Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss. You know…things this budget Queen dreams about ;). That little escape was much needed! I came back to work smiling…with at LEAST 5 more products to add to my Spring beauty wishlist…smh. It’s the little things…I find joy in the simple moments of life as well as the extraordinary. While it may not be an extravagant business trip to Bali (in my real dreams!)…a well placed business subscription to Vogue brings a smile to face!

*PS: Peep my “Relax, Dream, Believe” cup making a cameo. Drinking herbal tea in it these days. Ya know…being natural and all 😉

*PPS: I hope every months delivery is as well placed as this one!

This Brown Queen

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