Where Does the Time Go?

Today is the big day! My King returns home from his month long tour overseas! WHOOO HOOOO! I’ll be honest, I thought this month was going to be brutal. I mean like HARD. Leaving for a month? While I’m here alone? Three princes including an infant? I can’t do it. I’m not gonna make it. But guess what? I DID it! I MADE it! And it really wasn’t that bad. Shhh let’s keep that between us Queens. Can’t let hubby think he wasn’t missed. Which he was! Tremendously! I’m just proud of myself for making it!

Honestly, I can’t believe it’s already been a whole month. Where does the time go? King Jr is 6 months now! I felt like I just had him yesterday :(. And my Ladies Man is halfway to 5…we were JUST singing Happy Birthday to him! Before I know it my Lil Man will be double digits. And our princess starts Kindergarten in September. S.M.H. Of course hand in hand with my  life just flying by, I haven’t posted in like at LEAST 3 days. Insert SUPER SAD FACE here. I have so much to share with you Queens including: my new lipstick obsession, my natural hair journey progress, meal planning, family life, business plans and More! Please stay posted. I promise I’ll do better next month.


I couldn’t resist. Sorry Justin 😉

This Brown Queen

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