Let’s Eat This Week!

Decided on this name for my meal planning series. Here I hope to help other Queens eat good, healthy, and easy! Follow me on this journey to healthy fulfilling eating for my kingdom!

Sunday: BBQ Chicken, Velveta Shells with cheese (low fat), brown rice, broccoli with side salad

Monday: Spaghetti! Whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles, with your choice of pasta sause (I usually use whatever jumps out at me) with fresh chopped red and green peppers, Garlic bread with side salad.

Tuesday: Beef and Broccoli (my at home take out!) with fried brown rice with peas and carrots

Thursday: Comfort Food! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and Corn on the cob with side salad.

Friday: Kid’s Choice. Make your own pizza from scratch. They. Are going to be. PUMPED!

Saturday: On the road, traveling to see princess dance show. So dinner will be grab and go!

Meal planning is coming along amazing. You really have no idea how much time AND money this saves! It also saves brain space. Brain space is something I need. My days are already so jam packed, to have one less thing to think about is a plus in my book! Once I’ve officially mastered regular daily dinner meals I’ll move on to breakfast, healthy creative snacks, and trying new recipes. I have Pinterest boards just itching to be put to use! But everyone knows how hard it is to actually get OFF Pinterest and go DO what you pinned ;). Right? Or is that just me?

THIS BROWN QUEEN TIP: Choose a day to do your meal planning. Usually grocery day or day before. Survey your pantry and plan your meals around things that you already have. Saves money and helps not to have those random foods lingering in your cabinet and freezer forever!


This Brown Queen

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