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One thing I’ve noticed since blogging about beauty and all things Queen related is, it’s easy to find endless posts, reviews, &  tutorials etc of things going right. But is that really life? That’s not how things are on an everyday basis! With life comes mistakes, mix ups, and failures. I know not of one road to success that is exempt of failure. And that’s what THIS BROWN QUEEN is about. I ain’t no expert! I’m living life in all its glory. The good, bad, and ugly.  So that’s why I bring this post to you. I attempted. I failed. And I want to let YOU know what happened. So you don’t make my mistake. Pictures included and all for my visual Queens. You know, because sometimes words just aren’t enough ;).

Here I attempted another look from my Victoria’s Secret SuperModel On the Go kit eyeshadow palette. So what happened?

FOUNDATION: As a darker woman it is extremely difficult to find foundations in my shade. The darkest color is either too light or too dark. And as you know I’m a budget queen so always having to buy two of the same foundations to mix the perfect shade isn’t always a feasible option. Maybelline’s FIT ME foundations have an array of shades that allowed me to find one that matched me well. The FIT ME line contains SPF 18, however, and I’ve heard from many beauty bloggers that foundations with SPF tend to give you a ghostly look in pictures. I’ve never experienced this. I don’t know how or why but I never did. Until now. Without flash and in natural settings this foundation “fit me” perfectly. BUT see here in this picture at night with flash…NO GOOD. It is just off. I don’t like it.  *Note: it IS starting to get warmer and I have another foundation I use for summer so this could have some impact on how it “fits me” unfortunately this is the darkest shade available in this foundation :(* I use this  90% of the time and you can see it in other posts I have made like this one and this one. It is a great product, however I would not recommend any foundation with SPF if you are going anywhere, at night, where pictures will be taken.

CONTOUR: This brown queens weakness. Clearly. Contour? Where? Exactly 😉

EYES: I do love the palette. I simply just don’t like how I blended the colors together. I think the highlight was too bright and I just think the colors didn’t blend as I thought they would. No worries because I never do anything once and call it a day. I’ll be doing this look again and posting my update. Because that’s what it’s all about. If at first you don’t succeed right? It might not always work the first time around. And that’s okay!

And because with every failure comes a lesson here’s one for you: NYX fuschia lip pencil all over lip, topped with Maybelline Brazen Berry…I AM IN LOVE with this lip color. Not something I’d wear everyday but just so damn pretty. See! It wasn’t a TOTAL failure ;).

Update will be posted THIS WEEK!

Peace, Love, & Blessings


This Brown Queen

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