Why I Blog

I started this blog three months ago. I can’t remember the exact moment that I decided: You know what? I’ma be a blogger. But it happened. And This Brown Queen was born. Let me get real personal with ya’ll. I was on a mission. But I had no clue what that mission was. I was lost. Overwhelmed. Searching. Unfulfilled. Something…Was…Missing. Don’t get me wrong, I am abundantly blessed. I have a loving husband, beautiful healthy children, family, and I make an decent (enough) living to support myself. But…I wanted more. I guess you could say I was having my quarter life crisis. I was yearning for everything and nothing. There had to be more to this life. There had to be…

I’m the type of person who wants it all. Literally. I want to be wife and mother of the year, employee and student of the month, entrepreneur and business woman of the week, all of it. So I’ve been on this 26 year long journey to find out how and what it is that I will accomplish in this life. I am CERTAIN that I’m just one of those people who will just dabble in everything. You know the kind of person I’m talking about. The one you meet who has like fostered 20 kids (I like kids *shrugs*), wrote a book (I really want to do this), practiced yoga for a year in Thailand (because that’s just cool), changed lives in Africa (because I want to give back), worked at a bank (you know for good measure), owned a dance company (that’s a real goal), mentored young battered women (an issue close to my heart), an amateur model (I still do this), your resident beauty consultant (I love me some make up) and a plethra of other seemingly random and unrelated things in life. That’s just me. But writing…writing is my love. And This Brown Queen is where I can write. About all of those seemingly random and unrelated things that make up THIS brown queen.

It’s an outlet. It’s therapeutic. It’s work. It’s hard. I love it. I’m passionate about it. It’s mines. That’s why I blog.

I hope you guys are enjoying this. It’s so beautiful to see all the support I’ve gotten in just 3 short months. I can only imagine where we can go from here! Can’t wait to take you all with me!

Peace, Love, & Blessings


Tyshia Shante
Founder and Editor of This Brown Queen

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