Trend Watch | Statement Coats

Queens! It’s Wednesday so I figured we’d continue on with the Trend Watch series I blogged about earlier this month. If you haven’t read about metallics make sure you check that out! But today It’s all about the coats this. Yes queens, coats. What’s crazy is, this is one trend I’m seriously going to have to put some work into because I’ll be honest…I don’t wear coats. On trend, in cold weather, or otherwise. I know, I know, I know. It’s horrible. At twenty*cough*six*cough you’d think by now I’d finally start listening to my mother. Ugh I can hear her voice now “Oh…so you think you’re too cute for a coat huh?”. Le sigh. It was never that. I just don’t like coats. I think they’re big, bulky, and I don’t live in NYC so most of my destinations are done by car. I’ve just never had a need for a coat…like a real one. So of course when I opened up my September Vogue issue and saw a statement coat on every. other. page…I knew the fashion and age goddesses has conspired together to get me on board with wearing a coat. LOL! Hmm…maybe they’re not so bad afterall 😉

Fall 2013 Statement Coats

What do you think? Are you loving coats this fall?

Peace, Love, & Blessings,



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