Natural Loving | A Breakthrough

I had a different post written. I did. I had a whole other piece written on my feelings at this six month mark in my natural hair journey. I knew what I wanted to say, I took pen to pad and let it out. It was  indifferent. But that’s how I felt at that moment in my journey. I don’t know why I didn’t  post it. I guess I just didn’t like the language in it. It wasn’t exactly badly written…I just wasn’t keen of the way I was expressing my feelings. A week ago if you would have asked me about my transition I would have replied something like…”It’s going.” Truth is I was  at crossroads. Stuck somewhere between if this is really worth it and deciding if maybe a different time would be better. Basically I was at a stalemate. There was  nothing pulling me in one way or another and being the passionate person I am, that’s a bad place for me to be in. I absolutely hate feeling stuck.

Rocking the Turban2

I hadn’t been able to stick to a regimen. My life is so crazy I just couldn’t commit to anything. And anything I did try was so time consuming I couldn’t keep it up. So I wasn’t really making any progress with finding out what works for my hair. As a result I was still using products that probably weren’t the best fit for me because that’s what (insert any amazing hair envied blogger here) was using to achieve the most awesome fro ever. They were flourishing and I was not. So it was discouraging. It all seemed the same to me. Nothing made me feel like Yassss! Instead just meh. But I was  seeing the new growth and seeing my curl pattern….I could see the potential. I could see the possibilities. I just had no idea how to get  there and after six months I was  at the point that I was just doing this for the sake of doing it and thinking to myself I would look and feel so much better with a relaxer and a flat iron.

Pinned Up Twist Out

You know what I probably would have looked better though. Because I would have taken the time and effort into that, so my appearance would reflect that. The fact is I hadn’t been very persistent in my transition so I was not achieving results that I liked or didn’t like for that matter. I had to DO THIS or don’t. So over the weekend, I looked through my products for something I didn’t use. Something maybe I used  before I caught up in all the natural hype. I decided to take a real approach on this. Using the knowledge I learned so far and what I know about my hair, to really  figure out how to make this work for me. And then I had my first YASSSS moment. My first moment where I detangled my hair and it was actually detangled. The first moment I felt an instant change in my hair the moment the product touched it. The first time my hair ever was just like “HONEY CHILD this is it!” I was so excited. I mean ecstatic. Who knew a moment so small could mean so much? In that one moment I realized that I could do this. That I could make it. It was all about patience. And hence, this post was written.

Box Braid Bun

I’m working on a new post for ya’ll with regimen and product details but like I mentioned I really don’t have one of those and I’m still stumbling and fumbling my way through this whole thing. But one thing is for certain, halfway through and I’ve finally had a breakthrough. Be encouraged queens!

Peace, Love, & Blessings


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5 thoughts on “Natural Loving | A Breakthrough

  1. Hello Brown Queen,
    First of all, your pics are absolutely gorgeous and l love the way your wear your turbans, fit for a queen indeed.
    One of things I did to help me transition was a gorgeous naturalista named Ms. Lisa at, specifically this page:
    Without this, would have been lost, so maybe you can look into this and her post will help you also. Plus keep posting and read about other naturalistas & hair journey especially those who transitioned. Lastly, you are beautiful and as a queen, you deserve the best crown out there, which is your natural hair, so wear it with pride because it is yours. Hope this helps a little.

      • Of course girl, going natural is a hard thing to do and you need all the encouragement and help you can get, went through that personally and I know that every positive comment, no matter how small makes you feel great!!!! So keep the great posts coming darling!!!

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