Fall Beauty | My Lipstick Picks

It’s finally fall! And by that I mean it finally actually feels like fall outside instead of this extended summer thing we’ve been dealing with. No fun. I’m not into the still being able to walk around in tshirts in the middle of October. That’s not what I like. Any way, regardless of mother nature’s plans, my fall beauty routines have been in full effect and I’ve been rocking my favorite trend daily and loving it. What trend you ask? WHY dark  vampy lips of course! I’ve mentioned numerous (probably more than ya’ll care to hear but *kanye shrugs* I like lipstick) times that bold vampy lips are huge this season and I’m sure you all have had no trouble spotting beauties everywhere pulling this look off. And you can too! Here are some of my favorites for this season!

Fall Lipstick Picks

1. Maybelline Midnight Plum: Deep purple lipstick

2. Milani Black Cherry: Deep burgundy red lipstick

3. OCC Black Dahlia : Blackend Red liptar

4. Maybelline Raspberry Ablaze: Fushia based purple lip gloss

Vampy lips for Fall beauty? Get in to it Queens. Muah!

Peace, Love, & Blessings



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7 thoughts on “Fall Beauty | My Lipstick Picks

  1. I love the way the liptar looks on you! It looks beautiful the way it’s working with the natural tone of your lips. I would wear that every day if I could pull it off like you!


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