Beauty Shop | 3 Tips for a Successful Trip

One of the biggest challenges I encountered when I first fell in love with make up was finding what works for me. I would walk in a store and become completely overwhelmed at all the products and have no idea where to begin! I knew what items were hot and I knew what the beauty blogs were raving about. But what I didn’t know was how to connect that knowledge with purchases that would benefit me. This was a struggle because I’m not about that wasting money or make up life! I found I wasn’t alone when I started offering beauty advice and noticed a pattern in the most commonly asked questions. So I thought I’d lend you a (freshly manicured of course) hand and compile my top three tips for a successful beauty purchase.

Know Your Undertones

1. Know your undertones. The surface color of your skin is just the beginning. What’s equally (maybe even more) important are undertones. Undertones are generally categorized into WARM: Yellow, Gold, Peach and COOL: Pink, Red, Blue. There’s also Neutral for those who don’t fit either category. The easiest way (for me) to determine undertone is the jewelry test. If you look better in gold chances are you’re warm and if you look better in silver chances are you’re cool. And if you think you’re equally as fabulous in either you’re neutral. Either way, know this. It’s a tremendous help when trying to match concealers, foundations, eyeshadows, lipsticks, pretty much everything.

Know Your Skin Type

2. Know your skin type. Are you oily? Dry? Combination? Become familiar with your own skin before you go beauty shopping. This will be a world of help when you come across that foundation all the blogs are raving about but then you realize there are 3 different versions of it. I would classify myself as combination oily. Generally my skin is oily. My T zone gets crazy during the day. But then the area around my chin and the corners of my nose can get drier than a desert. I know this. So I never purchase products that contain oil. I stay far far away. I also know to take extra care around my dry areas if I’m wearing a product that isn’t moisturizing.

Know The Finish

3. Get familiar with finishes. While shopping you’ll find many products describe it’s finish with keywords like: dewy, matte, shine, shimmer, frost, etc. Knowing what kind of finish you are looking for comes in handy when you’re browsing those endless isles of joy known as the beauty section. If you’re looking for a powder to fill in your brows make sure it’s not shimmer! I mean unless you’re going for that look I think it’s safe to assume we don’t want our brows to shine! Sometimes you can tell by looking at a product the finish it will have but other times you just don’t know so it’s always good to check.

Peace, Love, & Blessings



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3 thoughts on “Beauty Shop | 3 Tips for a Successful Trip

  1. My skin is oily, I got tan very soon, what cream I should use, and what to do to prevent my nose from getting dry. Right now I am using Dr. Jart’s (Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45), is it a good choice or I have to change this.

    • Any moisturizer without oil is a good pick for you. Dr. Jarts is fine. You could also moisturize and use a mattifying gel or primer under your foundation on days you want more coverage than a BB cream. ❤

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