Let’s Chat | The Buffs, BB cream, Marley Twists & More

Happy Monday loves! I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Mines? Welp, we started with a snow day on Friday, which with three sons…isn’t really a snow day at all. No hot cocoa and snuggling with the Mr. for me! The weekend pretty much continued in this fashion, with an extremely upsetting loss on Saturday for my beloved birds :(. I’m still EaglesNation but damn was that a tough loss!

To raise my spirits I braved the snow and ice to hunt for the new Maybelline lipsticks. FOUND them! I grabbed Untainted Spice and Touchable Taupe and I’ll probably pick up Sin-A-Mon and Expressed Expresso by the end of the week. Maybelline NAILED it with these y’all. And to think I JUST posted about nude lipsticks for brown girls. Obviously a part II is necessary!


I also came across the new Black Radiance BB Cream. So of course I got that too! Few things bring me as much joy as BB creams for brown girls. The best part about the display was they had testers so you could find your perfect match. I got Coffee Glaze which is a great match for me.20140106-120322.jpg

Y’all know how it is once you buy new makeup so as soon as I snuck away from manman I did a quick dramatic eye look (green for my birds) testing out my new goodies. I didn’t go anywhere this day either just to let y’all know. Yup. I was walking around my house like this all day. Judge me.20140106-102235.jpg

Excuse my hair. Y’all know I installed Marley twists last week as a protective style. My roots looking all types of crazy 1. Because I’m not a professional 2. My hair grows like crazy. 3. My texture is such that just wants to be free. Still loving them but I did do the front over.

OH! Blood Sweat & Heels…did you watch? My Twitter was hot last night. Daisy (one of the cast members) said bloggers sat behind computers, overweight, hair undone, no makeup talking about people. Yea. Let that marinate. Overall, I liked the show and I’ll definitely watch it next week. If only for Demetria who was pushing her brand up and through that episode! Yes hunny! Do that.

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Let’s make this week phenomenal queens!

Peace, Love, & Blessings!





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