Natural Glow | Black Radiance BB + Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights

Life is a catch 22 ya know? In the summer we’re all here for the matte face. I was trying out matte foundations, mattifying primers, and anything else to get that chic matte finish. Now that winter is here in all it’s cold winter glory, I want nothing but that natural summer glow. *Le sigh* Pretty girl problems I suppose. But not really. Why? Because I have mastered the PERFECT natural glowy face. AND it’s super easy. Ya’ll know I wouldn’t lie. Not about something as serious as makeup. This is a new routine for me, like really new, as in 2014 new using two brand new products. But I love it so much I couldn’t keep all this greatness to myself so let’s get into it!


THE PRODUCTS: Black Radiance BB Cream in Coffee Glaze & Revlon Photoready Skinlight in Bronze Light. Each of these products are awesome in their own right but combined? Listen…listen, listen…it’s truly perfection.

Black Radiance NEW True Complexion™ BB Cream, our first multi-purpose skin perfector, evens and refines darker complexions with 10 skin care benefits for natural looking radiance. Exclusively formulated to enhance ethnic skin tones, the lightweight, oil-free beauty balm moisturizes, conceals, primes, smoothes, and minimizes shine with blendable, sheer color and lasting SPF 15 protection.

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights™ Face Illuminator. Get a healthy glow in any light. Banish dullness and even out skin with light-capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments.

HOW TO USE THEM: The Black Radiance BB Cream matches my complexion wonderfully. I mean it’s really dead on and that makes me happy. It’s a bit “too” tinted in my opinion for a BB Cream and actually applies like a light coverage foundation. That being said, when I wear it alone, on me it looks like I’m wearing foundation and my face loses a bit of dimension and kinda appears…flat or cold…for lack of better words. If I’m opting to wear a BB cream, chances are I’m going for a lighter more natural look, so contouring and highlighting isn’t what I’m trying to do. SO, I add a drop or two of my Revlon Photoready SkinLights and apply as normal and it instantly warms my face giving me the natural glow I was going for! These two products mixed together are seriously a match made in heaven. Kinda like me and this guy who photobombed my attempt at capturing all this glowing greatness. *side eye*


If you haven’t tried the Black Radiance BB Cream make sure to do that! It’s BROWN GIRL approved! Has anyone tried the Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights? What do you think?


Peace, Love, & Blessings!



3 thoughts on “Natural Glow | Black Radiance BB + Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights

  1. I love the Black Radiance BB cream too! It had such a radiant and flawless finish! Definitely one of my favorites! I need to try the revlon skinlights. Thanks for sharing!

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