Brown Girl | Nude Lipstick Part II ft. The Buffs

Happy Friday Queens! We have made it through another week. Let’s all give thanks and be happy :). Snow here in Philly has been insane and life has been crazy so it’s only fitting to post about something as elegant and serene as nude lipsticks while the rest of my world is (somewhat organized) chaos! I’ve been pretty obsessed with warm nudes and neutrals lately which matches my current feelings. Makeup for me is like that. I go through my seasons in makeup just as I do life. My faces have been very warm, calm, and elegant. Ohhhh how I just loveee pretty!

So a couple weeks ago I wrote about how I bought a couple of Maybelline’s new The Buffs lipsticks. I am so excited about these, like it’s serious! I also posted a little while back about a few of my favorite nude lipsticks for brown girls. Well that was obviously before The Buffs because with 8 shades of nude, there is literally a shade, or two, or three for any shade of beauty. I originally picked up two but have since gone back and grabbed one more and I think I’m done…for now. So I thought I do la deuxième partie on my Brown Girl | Nude Lipstick and mini review of The Buffs combined. See that? A two in one. Because I love ya’ll and it’s Friday 😉

The Buffs 1

What the lovely people at Maybelline Say about Color Sensational The Buffs:

Raw. Real. Pigments explode with sensuous impact…sensational
Best nude lipstick Buff lip color

Why You’ll Love It

True naked pigments for honest flesh tone color
Uniquely sensuous feel from our precious oils.

What This Brown Queen Says: LOVE. If you’re familiar with the color sensational lines, these lipsticks are pretty much the same consistency. I’ve always love the color sensationals and have quite the collection so I already knew what to expect in terms of quality and wear of the lipsticks. The colors are so feminine and pretty I just loveeee them. There really is a shade of lipstick to compliment any skin tone so that’s an automatic star in my book!
The three shades I decided to try for myself were Touchable Taupe, Untainted Spice, and Expresso Exposed
maybelline the buffs swatches
Touchable Taupe is an interesting color and I actually really like it. It’s taupe…yup pretty much simply taupe but it’s a really elegant color. Depending upon the rest of my makeup it can come off a little too muted but when I have a nice bronzy look it looks amazing. Untainted Spice is my favorite and it is a nice warm medium brown color that pretty much match my natural lip color. It evens out my lips and gives me a uniform perfect pout. This has been my go to lipstick! Espresso Exposed is a very deep dark chocolate brown. I like this because I can wear this to the office when I want a more bold dark lip without being too over the top. It’s perfect for those days I don’t want to do too much…but just enough ;).
So there they are! My nude lipstick picks for brown girls part two and why the buffs are amazing. That is all. *Muah!*
Peace, Love, & Blessings

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