Trend Watch | Spring 2014 Beauty

Whet? Spring? What’s that? Le sigh, that’s pretty much been life here on the good old East Coast. If my kids have one more snow day, I’ll lose it. LOSE it ya’ll. But far away as it may seem, it’s coming. And with the beauty and fashion industry buzzing, what better time to catch up on all the greatness coming our way in a few *hopefully* short weeks. So what are the trends to watch for Spring 2014? Let’s get into it!

Bobbi Brown Bronze Eye Palette1When it comes to beauty it’s about getting Naked! How many nude collections and  products have been released so far? From foundations to lipsticks…it’s all about the nude! Bobbi Brown’s Nude Glow Collection, Maybellines The Buffs, Urban Decay’s Naked 3, shall I continue? Get down with the clean fresh look!

Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil

Don’t think colors are getting overlooked though! Super bright colors will have their chance to shine with bright purple, blue, and teal eyeliner and shadows. And orange is a hot color for lips. Urban Decay’s super popular glide-on pencils have an array of bright colors that are perfect for this trend.

Nyx hot single eye shadow

And finally our love for getting naked combines with our color bursts. With nature as the foundation, we’ll see lots of muted colors and pastels, reminiscent of flowers. Think rich browns and soft greens and pleasant pinks. NYX has an insane amount of colors perfect for this in their hot singles eye shadows.

Well if I wasn’t ready for Spring before, I am now! How bout ya’ll?


Stay Blessed!



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