Vintage Beauty | Love Yourself Completely

*VINTAGE BEAUTY post from This Brown Queen originally posted in April 2013*

Hello beauties! I wanted to take today to focus on something different than my usual ramblings. Today I wanted to talk about inner beauty and loving yourself. One of the most important things you can do Queens is to LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY. To me, this means not only accepting but embracing everything that makes you uniquely YOU! God makes no mistakes Queens. You look how you look, you are who you are for a very divine reason. While makeup is fun (clearly, you have witnessed my obsession!), it isn’t a means of transformation but rather a means of enhancement. To enhance your natural beautiful self. We are ALL beauty Queens in our own way!


This is one of my favorite quick pictures. Not because of the makeup (but do you see that gorgeous pink in my inner corner? Loveee) but rather the up close and personal features of ME. When I was younger I was teased for my forehead and my big eyes.  Kids be so cruel man! But I mean…it IS true, and I LOVE it! I EMBRACE IT. What they may have called big, I call amazing. I make my eyes stand out every chance I get (not that they need it 😉 ).  But this is me. Take it or leave it! What’s funny though…is when I started loving me, the “teasing” grew to compliments. What used to be viewed negatively, I flaunted and then it was cool. Life is funny like that. The point of my post Queens is this: Never alter yourself for the sake of others. Love Yourself first and others will follow. And if they don’t follow…you don’t really need to be associated with those people anyway 😉


Stay Blessed & Beautiful!





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