For Him | 5 “Grooming Products” to Buy

5 Grooming Products for Your Man

So I was reorganizing my makeup collection and vanity last weekend and I couldn’t help but notice how empty and bare my husbands area looked. It was a little sad lol. For me, there were hair products, moisturizers, cleansers, oils and full size makeup organizers. And…NOTHING for him! I’ve failed y’all. What type of beauty blogger doesn’t look out for her man? Well time to change that and revamp the babes “man beauty” arsenal and give some life to “his” side of the bureau ;). So what products are perfect beauty *ahem* grooming products for your man? Well, here are my choices!

Dove Men+Care Deodorant: a 48h protection antiperspirant

Shea Moisture Three Butters Utility Soap: with shea, mango, and advocado butters. Multipurpose soap can be used for the shower, shampoo and shaving.

Nivea For Men Revitalizing Body Lotion: a non greasy body moisturizer that revitalizes the skin.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men M Protect: a moisturizing lotion with SPF designed for all skin types.

Burberry Cologne: a warm and aromatic mens fragrance.

Those are just a few of my choices to liven up his collection. What products do you buy for your man? I’d love to hear some more for him to try. There aren’t nearly as many products out there for men but that’s okay…more room for my stuff ;).


Stay Blessed!




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