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In the spirit of spring I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house and this past weekend the task was my makeup storage and organization…well at least part one of it (don’t judge!) and I found so many old favorites that have made their way to the back of my collection. It was like going shopping in my own collection! This was a perfect opportunity to pull out some old faves for fresh new beauty looks!

Shop Your Stash

1. Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer powder in Turks and Caicos. I used to loveee this bronzer so much and somehow it made it’s way deep in my drawer. I pulled it out and used it for my FOTD post from earlier this week and I remembered how great it was. Adds such a subtle bronzy contour around my cheeks. I love it!

2. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. Winter blues had my skin all over the place and I was using foundation most of the time but between my new skincare routine and warmer weather I’ve been able to use BB creams again. This one is so lightweight and blends effortlessly for me. Glad to have gotten the chance to use it again!

3. NYX lip liner in Never. I’ve really been into nude lips lately so either I haven’t really had to use a liner or my liner of choice has been a brown or nude color. Never is a deep plummy color which looks great paired with bright berry lips.

4. Wet N Wild Coloricon blush in Berry Shimmer. For a drugstore blush this used to be my GO TO for every day. This color just looks amazing on my skin tone. I’ve been using more pinky blushes lately so I haven’t reached for this as much but with the changing seasons, I am loving this coral berry color again!

5. Black Opal Flawless Concealer in Beautiful Bronze. I’m so happy I stumbled on this concealer again. I’m really not a fan of the really intense under eye highlight so matching concealers is always a problem for me. I can never get the shade quite right. This is perfect for those days when I just need a bit of coverage to give me an “awake” look.

Rediscovering these new loves is exactly what I need to keep me on track with my budget! If you’re doing a bit of spring cleaning, make sure to look out for old favorites and reincorporate them into your current routines.


Stay Blessed Beautiful!



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