Found it! Shea Moisture Cosmetics Line is Here!

Oh happy day! It goes without saying how I excited I was about the new Shea Moisture cosmetics line. A couple weeks ago I started to see the first sightings on Twitter and Instagram. The new Spring collection had hit some Target stores and instantly my evening was laid out for me. Go to (every) Target store and get some! Well it was nowhere be found :(. I had just about given up that it wasn’t coming to Philly when I saw on the Shea Moisture Pinterest that there was a #sheaspotting at my local Target!


The display was pretty much like every other display I had seen and wasn’t full. From what I can tell they have eye shadows, lip/cheek stains, lip gloss, powders, foundation, concealer, mineral blushes, bronzers, and CC Cream. What’s great about this collection are the refill pans that make them fully customizable. The price point was $4.99 for the shadows up to $14.99 for the CC Cream.

Of course  I wanted to buy everything, but the way my bank account is set up…I had to keep it minimal. Because the only thing I can fully justify buying until my heart’s content is concealer, I picked up the Creme Concealer in Tropea Almond.

Of course a review  is forthcoming but here’s a quick peek.

Shea Moisture Creme Concealer

Have you spotted the collection? Tell me what you got!


Stay blessed beautiful!





12 thoughts on “Found it! Shea Moisture Cosmetics Line is Here!

  1. How did I miss they were rolling out a full cosmetic line? Their hair products do nothing for me, but I’m still very interested in any makeup line of slightest caliber geared toward us.

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