Natural Hair | New Style: Marley Bun

Marley Bun

I’ve been looking for a new protective style for a few weeks now and I found one! I know based off my last post y’all thinking “how did she get that hair in a bun?” My hair looked so short there! The shrinkage is real, the shrinkage is REAL! I’m sure my naturals can relate. My hair has actually gotten quite a bit of length since my big chop and I figured after a year of transitioning and three months or so (post big chop) I needed a change!I applied heat to my hair for the first time in over a year! I’m so proud of myself for going such a long time without it. I know many naturals stay away from heat for various reasons but for me, I simply am aware that my hair grows better and is overall happier with low maintenance which translates into low heat for me. So a year was difficult but I made it! I decided to try this style on two or three day stretched hair.

I did my normal wash day routine and did my normal two strand crown twist thing. LOL. I wish I had a name for it. I don’t. That lasted for a few days. Then I detangled using my favorite leave in and did a soft blow out. I kept my blow dry on low and warm. After it was blown out I applied my moisturizer (which in this case I used Cantu Daily Oil Moisturizer) and sealed with JBCO. Using Eco Styler with Olive Oil gel I slicked my hair and edges up into a ponytail.

Using one pack of marley hair, I wrapped the hair around my little bun using the rubberband the hair comes in. I literally took it out the pack and straight on to my head! Using three sections, I kinda detangled a bit and wrapped around playing with it until it was shaped to my liking. Voila! A marley bun!


Don’t mind my mirror pic. I’ve been trying to get this post up for daysss and the only thing holding me back was a picture. Welp. Here it is lol.

What protective styles are you wearing these days? Let me know, I need some new ones to try!

Oh and my sweatshirt is from a company based out here in Philly, Kings Rule Together. They collaborated with the inspiring Alex Elle and came up with this limited edition sweatshirt: “You are a queen, so even when they push you, don’t take your crown off.” Pretty awesome right!


Stay Blessed Beautiful!



7 thoughts on “Natural Hair | New Style: Marley Bun

  1. Very Cute! I still to this day have not seen a pack of Marley hair. I’m sure it is here somewhere. I’m definitely ready for a protective style. I’m tired of looking at my hair.

    • Whattt?? It was pretty easy to find here but before I went natural I didn’t even know such a thing existed! I’m over my hair too. Thinking of doing marley twists for the Spring. I’m kinda obsessed with Marley hair at this point!

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