Beyond Beauty: Brown Brands Making Moves

Brown Girls

Hello Loves. As you all know brown beauty is my thing. It’s what I do. I’ve always been very passionate about the beauty industry and it’s seemingly blind eye towards women of color. Some brands get it…most do not. I’ve been very firm in my stance and have strived to support those brands that support us. The beauty industry has definitely come a long way and there’s still ways to go, but you can imagine how truly happy I was to come across this article highlighting a new age in brown beauty.

Of course this new wave can be attributed to a number of factors. No doubt the natural hair movement has played a huge part when it comes to hair care. Women are looking for products, not to alter their hair but to help them achieve manageability. Brands like my beloved Shea Moisture, Miss Jessies, and As I Am are great examples of the booming natural hair care market.  Directly correlated with this is the desire to use more natural based ingredients in hair and skin products as well. When it comes to skincare, brands like Ambi (a longgg time favorite of mine) that have been dedicated to providing women with products designed specifically for them have expanded their lines. Their Complexion Cleansing Bar has changed my life! For real for real.

I think one of the most important changes to note is the availability and accessibility of these brands and products. I KNOW I’m not the only one who loses their mind every Target trip. We’ve expanded beyond the “ethnic shelf” and have taken up major space! From the endless natural hair care options to the massive makeup selections from IMAN and the new Shea Moisture collection WE HAVE ARRIVED. Also noteworthy are the ecommerce platforms designed specifically for women of color like Doobop Beauty, that make it super easy to find and buy products that will work for YOU!

Take a look and let me know what you think!


Stay blessed beautiful!



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