Beauty Bite | 5 Multitasking Beauty Foods

5 Multitasking Beauty Foods

As a busy mommy, wife, and beauty lover, finding multipurpose items are my THING. Baby wipes doubling as makeup removers, body washes that can be used for shampoo, and foods that fit in my beauty regimen. Things that make me smile! I’m sure many of you can relate so I thought I put together a list and uses of 5 things you probably have in your kitchen RIGHT NOW that can be used to keep you looking fabulous…right in between cooking dinner ;).

Multitasking beauty foods

1. Brown Sugar: It’s sweet and brown. Can you say perfect? But more than just something you put in your favorite baked goods it’s also an excellent exfoliator! Use this mixed with olive oil for a DIY facial or lip scrub.

2. Coconut Oil: I wrote about this in my essential oils post but I needed to touch on it again because it’s just that great. For cooking, coconut oil is perfect for replacing your shortening or other vegetable oils. For beauty it’s perfect for everything! I love using this oil on my natural crown and it’s also great for cuticles and even removing makeup!

3. Eggs: It’s no secret that eggs are chock full of protein but they are more than just a healthy snack or breakfast food. Since they are packed with fats, proteins and enzymes they work as excellent moisturizers and remove unwanted oils.

4. Avocado: Ive just hopped on the avocado band wagon. Something about green food that isn’t spinach or broccoli never sat well with me. Lucky for me once I started trying this homemade avocado face mask for oily skin I realized it’s not so bad after and then I discovered guacamole. Deliciousness!

5. Honey: You so sweet. My new beverage of choice these days is green tea with a little almond milk and honey. Totally helping me quit coffee for good! But beyond my coffee cup honey is an awesome humectant which means it really locks in moisture. Perfect for a homemade hair treatment!

Have you tried any of these great foods in your beauty routines? Let me know!


Stay Blessed Beautiful!



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