Event Recap | In Her Shoes + Essence Magazine: Beauties & Brains Behind the Brands II

If you read my what I wore post, you know that last Sunday I headed to NYC for In Her Shoes blog 5th anniversary event: Beauties and Brains Behind the Brands II. Because I have been absolutely SWAMPED this “recap” is mad late, but don’t charge it to my heart loves. I still wanted to bring you all a few take aways from this uber inspiring event.


On the panel sat Claire of Fashion Bomb Daily (who is superrrr sweet! I totally gave her a hug and she ain’t een know me lol), Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules, Latham Thomas of Mama Glow, and Demetria of A Belle in Brooklyn (also super sweet!). This all star panel was dropping gems and knowledge left and right. Here are few things that hit home with me:

Do what you’re passionate about. ~ Latham Thomas

Focus on the thing that you’re best at and the thing that you love to do. ~ Latham Thomas

Step out on faith. ~ Claire Sulmers

No is a complete sentence. ~ Latham Thomas

Make goals. If you don’t have goals you can’t score. ~ Claire Sulmers

When the universe answers you need to be ready ~ Claire Sulmers

Show up everyday and focus on one thing ~ Anthony Dickey

Fill a void and write in your own voice ~ Demetria

I’m so happy to have been able to attend this awesome event. Not only is Renee such an inspiration but to be in the company of so many motivated go getting brown girls was so refreshing! And can I get a moment for the natural hair and fashion, I live! If you haven’t checked out In Her Shoes Blog do that and make sure to take a look at the Fly Female Entrepreneur series while you’re there!


Stay blessed beautiful!





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