Beauty Review: Shea Moisture Creme Concealer

Shea Moisture Creme Concealer Review

Loves! It’s Monday, it’s May, and I’m back! I could start this post and go into where I’ve been this last week or so but I don’t even want to relive the craziness that was me waiting to pick up my Macbook from being repaired. It. Got. Real. I’d rather just jump right in and put all that behind me :). What better way to get back into things this week than with a beauty review! I’ve been trying and testing and trying some more and here it is finally! My first review of the Shea Moisture makeup line!

Back when I first found the collection at my Target I picked up the one thing that I could justify breaking my no buy for and that is concealer. If you’re familiar with the blog you’d know that I’m obsessed with concealer and finding the perfect one. I guess my skin tone is just crazy difficult to match when it comes to concealer because either it’s too light (and I am not here for the dramatic highlight look) or it comes off kinda green-ish. Yuck. I don’t know I’ve tried lots of them and I have my daily one but I’m always on the lookout for “the one”. Would this be it?

Meet our smooth crème concealer, formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines while giving perfect coverage. We’ve added the natural power of moisturizing Shea Butter and antioxidant-rich Vitamins A, C and E to nourish and hydrate while reducing redness. This super blend-able formula hides imperfections (not that you have any!) leaving you with simply flawless skin and soft focus finish. ~

I decided to get the concealer in Tropea Almond. There are four colors but I honestly don’t know what the others looked like. I grabbed this one first and  it looked maybe a shade or so lighter than my skin tone so I thought it be a great match. As far as color matching I really really like it! It’ s the perfect shade for my skin tone and gives me a subtle highlight and covers dark circles under my eyes nicely. Per the name of the concealer it has a very creamy consistency. I had some difficulty with the texture the first few times I tried it.  As usual for me with cream concealers, they tend to settle in the lines under my eyes. I learned that with this concealer a little goes a long way and with some tweaking (and a good primer ;)) I don’t have that issue anymore!


It has such a pretty natural finish and it sooo easy to blend. I apply a few dots and blend with fingers for a flawless look. I am loving this concealer for when I do a more done up look. It compliments my skin tone so nice!


It lasts too which is great. We had a full day Saturday and I did my makeup first thing in the morning. After a day on the parkway with the family and walking around for hours makeup was still love! Wish I could have said the same thing for the crown ;). She got a little crazy hehe.

Since my first purchase I’ve gotten a few more things so more reviews to follow! So far I’m impressed and happy! Have y’all tried anything yet? What else should I get! Let me know! This is available at Target stores and for $11.99.


Stay blessed beautiful!




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