Currently Obsessing: MAC Ruby Woo

Current Obsession Cover Pic

This post, this obsession has a been a long time coming. My loves who’ve followed me from the beginning already know how I feel about my beauty obsessions. I have my moments where I indulge but for the most part, this mommy has priorities so I make my decisions wisely…for the most part…sometimes. There’s always going to be the products that I splurge on no matter what and this…is one of them.

An obvious cult favorite, we all know and love our beloved Ruby Woo. I have a lot of red lipstick, I do but nothing keeps me coming back like Ruby Woo.

Macy Ruby Woo 3

Maybe it’s because it’s pretty, maybe it’s because it’s the perfect matte red ever, or maybe it’s the hype. Who knows? *Shrugs* I keep it all the way real! Getting away from all the pinks and oranges of spring and wanted to just do my classic look this past weekend and I just couldn’t resist taking a few pics and of course…blogging about it <3.

Saturday Are for Simple Things

Mac Ruby Woo 2


Stay blessed beautiful!



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