Beauty Things: May Favorites

May Favorites Main

I feel like I haven’t done a favorites post in so long. Every time I try to get back on board…I fail *Kanye shrug*. But let us not dwell on the past and instead focus on how awesome is it that I’m doing a monthly favorites on the last day of the actual month! Do you know how major that is?! Of course, because it’s me, most (read all) of my favorites are beauty things. That’s just the kinda girl I am <3.

May Favorites Products

1. Sunglasses. It’s finally warm and sunny and that makes me so beyond happy. I picked up these cute sunglasses on a random trip to the beauty supply store for like $5 and totally wasn’t expecting to love them as much as I do…but I really REALLY do!

2. Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. Referring back to number one, it really has been warm here these days and when it’s warm I tend to stay away from foundation as much as possible. I do have some staple summer foundations which I will post about soon, but on a daily basis I’d rather go without. This stuff here has been a skin saver these days as I’ve been just applying it after my moisturizer leaving my face looking visibly smoother. I know some people wear this under foundation (which I do as well) but I also love to wear it alone!

3. Essie Grow Stronger Nail Polish Base Coat. I’m really not sure how many times I’m going to post about this nail polish base but it truly has become a staple in life. I really never messed with nails because they’ve been the worst from years of acrylic yuck. This base coat has changed my life. I wear it errday. Yup errday. One coat if I’m using it as a base and two coats if I’m rocking it alone. And yes, it’s pretty enough to wear alone!

4. NYX Blush in Cinnamon. My absolute favorite spring and summer. It just looks so nice on my skin for the bronzey type looks I go for during these seasons. I’m a fan of NYX blushes in general but this is definitely my all time favorite.

5. Mini Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Okay…did ya’ll know you can now get these little versions of the Shea Moisture products at Target?!? I did not. I was sooo excited to try this out and a few other things I’ve been eyeing. I think they are about $3.50 if I’m not mistaken. This doesn’t work for me as a curl enhancer but I use it to do my twist outs and it does pretty good. I love that I can just toss it in my bag and it’s perfect size to travel with! These mini products are also great to test products before buying the full size.

6. Gilette Venus Snap with Embrace Razor. How cute is the mini razor? It’s adorable! Besides the fact that it’s an awesome razor, it comes in this nifty little blue case keeping it safe and great for travel. I literally have never thought of carrying a razor in my purse but when it’s this convenient how can you not? It has come in handy a few times already!

Can you believe it’s June! Let’s make the second half of the year amazing!


Stay blessed beautiful!



*Disclosure: I received the Gilette Venus Snap with Embrace Razor complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes*




9 thoughts on “Beauty Things: May Favorites

  1. It’s so hard to stick to a blogging routine huh? Well good for you 🙂

    Love this beauty must haves list. I have never seen a travel razor like that! How nifty! I travel so much and literally have to throw so many razors out… Totally need to get one of these.

    • It really is! I’m trying my best so that’s what count right? Thanks so much for stopping by. You definitely must check out the razor. It’s so cute and PERFECT for us ladies who travel!

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