This or That: Summer Beauty

Summer is sooo close I can feel it. Besides being excited for warm days and beach trips I’ve been LOVING changing up my makeup look. I’m always torn in the summer because on one hand I really don’t like to wear too much makeup when it’s hot but on the other I love summer makeup sooo…here we are. Summer makeup for this brown queen is bronzey, glowy, lightweight goodness. The best part is that I can achieve summer makeup looks with ease using both high end and drugstore makeup picks.

Elf vs Nars

Bronzer is key for summer. You can’t tell me nothing with a gorgeous sheen against this brown skin. Duo’s are my favorite because you can use them separately, together, or play them off each other. Elf has awesome blush and bronzing powder duo’s for the low low. NARS has gorgeous high quality bronzer duo’s for a much steeper price tag.

Lustre drops vs skinlights

Since I go sans foundation most days in the summer, I need something to brighten up my skin. A good moisturizer or light bb cream are great options but some days I want to do just a lil bit more, so using a liquid illuminator works like magic. MAC Lustre drops have been a long time staple in my collection just for this. BUT, I will say I’ve been slightly obsessed with the cheaper and my personal favorite Revlon Photoready Skinlights.

Maybelline vs Bobbi Brown

Even though I opt for more simple makeup during the summer let’s be honest, I’m a beauty junkie so there will always be the days I need to wear makeup. Whether it’s because I just need a little extra coverage or I just wanna get fancy *twirls*, stick foundation is the route I go. I fell in love with Maybelline’s stick foundation last summer and I was happy to put it right back into rotation. The shade range is a limited though, which is why I was hype when I found out about the Bobbi Brown stick foundation with more options.

I’ll be sure to post my simple summer routine soon. It’s nothing fancy but I haven’t done a look here in awhile. Until then,  what’s your summer makeup routine? Do you switch things up like I do??


Stay blessed beautiful!





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