Event Alert: Little Black Book of Rules for Curly Girls Book Signing Philly

Hey loves! Quick post about an upcoming event for my natural ladies. Tameeka McNeil-Johnson aka The Curl Whisperer, is coming to Philly this Sunday for a book signing at Cuba Libre. The event is FREE and there will be LIVE hair makeovers, natural recipes, and more.

Philly Flier

Check out the release below to learn about the Little Black Book of Rules for Curly Girls and it’s author!

New York, NY- Little Black Book of Rules for Curly Girls debuted in Arizona to plenty of fanfare on May 17, 2014 on International Hair Meetup Day! The book is filled with plenty of gems from licensed, NYC-based, Natural Hair Artist Tameeka McNeil-Johnson, aka The Curl Whisperer. The release is the first in a series of books about hair.

In a world filled with YouTubers and Bloggers, Tameeka is bucking the trend as a licensed stylist, sharing her tricks of the trade to the masses. “I have hundreds of clients who wanted the basics about natural hair care, so it was time,” says McNeil-Johnson. The book is first in a series and she will be writing about everything from styling to working with children’s hair.

Every chapter of the book fleshes out what she has been doing for over 20 years – empowering women all over the world about their natural hair.  From working with women who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy to women who haven’t seen their natural hair in decades, Tameeka has been a hair life source.

Her signature, sold-out, natural hair events, live demos, discussions and one-on-one consultations have uplifted women from around the world. She also has legions of fans from everywhere from Germany to Guinea who are in awe of the way she transforms hair.

“The information Tameeka shares is empowering. Women feel good about themselves when they sit in her chair. There are often tears of joy,” says Candace Kelley. Kelley, a journalist by trade, co-authored the book and is founder of Curl Prep Natural Hair Solutions.

For more details, visit http://www.jadedtresses.com.

Stay blessed beautiful!




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