Brown Girl Beauty Pick: Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush

Black Radiance Blush Self

One of the things I hear a lot from brown girls when it comes to makeup is, they don’t know how to use blush. From comments here to people stopping in me in the makeup isle to ask the same thing: Which blush should they wear? Another part of the brown girl struggle I suppose. And for good reason though. Blush is tricky! I struggle with it myself still sometimes and I have a product problem so you know it must be real.

I try out a lot of blushes just because I never really know how I feel about them. But the reality is, once I find one I like it’ll pretty much be my blush for the season. But, that doesn’t stop me from buying new ones that are so pretty I can’t resist. I’m always looking for colors that compliment my skin tone (deep plums, reds) or just really bright or bold colors that will actually be as pigmented on my face as in the pan. I came across the Black Radiance Artisan Baked Blushes randomly awhile ago and I grabbed these two colors: Raspberry and Toasted Almond. I thought the Raspberry was such a bold pretty color and Toasted Almond looked like a bronzey orange (and I’m obsessed with orange blushes as you know from my last post).

Black Radiance Baked Blushes

I was honestly shocked at how amazing these blushes are. The formula is super soft and smooth and they stick around for a day at work. The color is extremely pigmented! The first time I tried Raspberry I had a heavy hand and whew! Let me tell you, a light hand will do for that one I promise! I’m so happy to have found such a bright pigmented blush. Although I’ve only worn this one a couple times, no matter what look I was going for I was not disappointed. Toasted Almond though, hands down, my favorite summer blush right now. It such an absolutely perfect dark bronze orange color that is simply gorgeous. I’ve worn this blush pretty much every day.

I totally recommend these blushes if you’re looking for affordable pigmented blushes for brown skin. Trust me you will not be disappointed! These are available at drugstores where Black Radiance is sold like Rite Aid which is where I got mines for about $4.50. Or you could visit the Black Radiance website.

Stay blessed beautiful!




7 thoughts on “Brown Girl Beauty Pick: Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush

  1. I have all the baked bronzers and blushes. I too used a heavy hand with the raspberry my first time. Lesson learned! Toasted almond is my daily shade for work.

      • I like the other shades as well. Warm berry is similar to raspberry only not as bold. It can be built up for more intensity. I swatched the shades just now only to realize I couldn’t post the pic on the thread 😂

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