Currently Loving: Bathing Suits…

Swimsuit_beach and bathing suits

Choosing the right bathing suit is always like mission impossible for me. I don’t do the bikini thing, y’all already know. So I’m forever searching for the perfect high waist or chic one piece. I’m headed to the beach in a couple weeks so obviously finding the right bathing suit is all I’ve been thinking about. Here are a few that have caught my eye and are exactly what I’m looking for.


I absolutely love this Mint Swim suit. It’s the perfect balance of sexy and covers all the right places. (Plus how gorgeous is Marianna!) ~ Mint Swim, $125


This Dope Chix Swim one piece is everything. It’s such a simple yet versatile suit.. I’m so sad this currently sold out but I’ve been stalking their site hoping I catch it back in stock! ~ Dope Chix Swim, $45


If you haven’t realized my obsession by now with classic black and white…well you get the picture. This Urban Outfitters suit is gorgeous. So feminine and simple I love it! ~ Urban Outfitters, $138

Swimsuit_High Waist Bikini Bottom

So let us just have a moment for high waist bikinis. They give me so much life. It’s like the ultimate swimsuit for a lady okay. The perfect bottoms can be styled so many different ways from classic to bright and patterned tops. ~ TheJoiofSummer, $20

So much bathing suit inspiration. I need a beach and sangria. Now!

Stay blessed beautiful!







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