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TGIF. For real. The first week back after a holiday is always sooo long. I’m glad the weekend is here. Not that I’ll be doing much relaxing but a girl can dream. This week was definitely an inspiration when it comes to blogging. I found some awesome new blogs, learned a lot, and definitely refocused after listening to a super motivating podcast by Myleik. You should need to check it out. We have the same mantra. Keep Going. It’s on my vision board and errthing. Here are some more links I’m loving this week.

Link love_7.11.14

1. Morgan Pitts: #Blackgirlswhoblog + Conquer the World: Ever since stumbling upon the #blackgirlswhoblog hashtag a while back on Twitter, I’ve been following it’s founder Morgan and I love her! Her interview with MYCC was so cute and I loved hearing about her journey so far. I admire her determination.

2. #SummerTimeFine Reading List: I have vowed to get back to my first love of reading this summer and I’ve actually been doing pretty good. This book list was right on time. First one on my list is of course Americanah.

3. The Weekly Freelance Schedule: Since taking on my first freelance projects earlier this spring, I have been all about a schedule. Yes, even more than I was before. This freelance schedule is a perfect guide to help coordinate my new projects in to my already hectic routine.

4. May Traffic and Income Report: Um yea, so I came across this link on Twitter about this food blog that is pretty well off in this blogosphere. I’m not much of a food reader but what I really like though is this breakdown of the monthly income. If you’re looking to monetize your blog, definitely check it out.

Happy Friday! Stay blessed beautiful!




8 thoughts on “Love in Links

  1. Thanks for the love Tyshia! Yes to both of us to keeping to our vows and reading more! Let me know how to like Americanah, I loved it

  2. Thanks so much for the love Tyshia! Yes to both of us to keeping to our vows and reading more! Let me know how to like Americanah, I loved it.

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