Chic Brown Brand: Nubian Skin

This Brown Brand_Nubian Skin

So I was just on Instagram scrolling my feed like normal when I came across this super dope brand Nubian Skin. It’s a nude lingerie and hosiery brand for women of color. Here. For. It.

When I tell you the excitement that overcame this brown girl was so real. Listen. Never, ever in my life have I come across something that was titled “nude” and looked like my skin.  The universal nude, the industry loves to claim is about 10 times lighter than me. And, no shade, no shade, no no no *Nicki voice* but I mean how does that even work? It’s just “what it is” in this industry, so much so that even EYE have used the term to describe shoes, purses, lipstick, you name it. All to describe a color that wasn’t me. Le sigh. You already know what I’m about to say. The brown girl struggle. So you can only imagine my sheer joy at a company, owned by a brown girl, creating nude pieces of lingerie for women of color! *Does the schmoney dance*

So for you beautiful black and brown women, next time you need a nude pair of hold-ups or maybe a nude strapless bra to go under than stunning white halter dress, we’re only a few clicks away.  Nubian Skin. A Different Kind of Nude.

Because I was sooo excited, or I’m just a super weirdo, I went to the brand’s blog and read like every post. I’m all about a story and a connection y’all. I’m emotional lol. But I was so inspired by the owner and the story of her journey to starting this brand. It sounded far too much like my own, getting comfortable, putting dreams on the back burner, divine intervention, realizing the time is now. I’m sure many of us can relate. If not to her story, to the mission of the brand. The site launches in 4 weeks so make sure you check it out! In the meantime you can stalk their blog like me ;).

Stay blessed beautiful!





7 thoughts on “Chic Brown Brand: Nubian Skin

    • This promo picture is LOVE right! I think to start she’s going up to DD but don’t quote me. A lot of people have been asking her so hopefully WE (brown girls) support the business so she can expand.

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