My Top 5 Favorite Celebrity Fathers

Keeping in line with celebrating Fathers this week, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 favorite celebrity fathers! Enjoy!


Who doesn’t love Will Smith? Maybe I’m biased because he’s from my hometown. Or maybe it’s because I just took my boys to see After Earth. Or maybe it’s his loving relationship with his kids. Either way, ya’ll know how I feel about my Smiths so of course Will was gonna make my list. And that Jaden is too cute!

Brad Pitt

Two words. Brad Pitt. I love big families so seeing a father strolling down the street with all his kids in tow is my kinda guy. And it takes a special kind of person to adopt children so he gets cool points for that. That and being lucky enough to be with Angelina ( I just think it’s something so refreshing about their family and I love seeing him interact with his kids!


T.I. Ya’ll seen the show right? T.I.’s way of parenting is hilarious to me. I love all his kids and his family reminds me a bit of my own. Again, I love big families and I’ve been on my fair share of road trips, at least 3 children in the backseat, to see Daddy perform so I can relate! I think T.I has a genuinely good relationship with them all and I love watching them interact.


David Beckham. Besides the fact that he’s just so nice to look at *side eye*, he’s another father with a larger family. I especially love his bonding with his boys. Love me some boys…clearly I have 3…so seeing David out with his boys gets me every time! And he’s another one that lucked up in the wife department. Victoria!

Barack & children

Barack Obama. I mean. Seriously. Did you think I was going to have a top 5 celebrity father post and not include POTUS? There isn’t enough room on this post to go in on how much I love the first family. Just know, I do. And I’m proud that our brown children have such a positive example of family, success, and fatherhood.

So there they are! Who am I missing? Who are your favorite celebrity dads?

Peace, Love, & Blessings


This Brown Queen