Date Night: Using What I Have

So a couple weeks ago, while my Mr. was out with his friends he stopped in Victoria’s Secret…why? I have no idea. Because he knows that THIS brown queen does not spend that kind of money on panties and bras…..ok….that’s not ENTIRELY true. I have like 4 bras from Vickie’s, but I had two kids so I have an excuse. I needed them ;). Anyway, he stopped in there an picked me up this Victoria’s Secret Super Model on the Go Makeup Kit. Now, I’ve never bought or used ANY makeup from Victoria’s Secret. But my King was just sooo excited about this gift for me I decided that I was going to do a look with this kit. And it was going to be AWESOME. And it was. Yes, I rocked that Super Model on the Go Makeup Kit and I can’t wait to do more looks with this. It’s actually a very versatile kit and I’m all for kits to be honest. Here’s my date night look. Excuse my hair and lack of proper clothing ;). Hope you like it as much as I did ;-*


All eyeshadows used were in the kit. I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in milk as the base. Mascaras are Elf Lengthing and Volumizing Mascara in Black and Maybelline Great Lash in Very Black. Maybelline Define-A-Line in Black Eyeliner.  Elf Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. On the lips Maybelline ON FIRE RED lipstick. One of my favorite reds!

This Brown Queen