My Epic Fail Flat Twist, Bad CoWash, & Other Thursday Ramblings…

The title says it all Queens. This week of Natural hair has been ROUGH! I know this is a growing and learning process so it’s all good. You gotta look at the glass half full so if nothing else these past couple of days I have been learning what NOT to do. On Monday I did a CoWash. I had no idea what conditioner to use for my hair for a cowash so I tried the Pantene Truly Natural Co-Wash…since I mean…it said Co-Wash…and I liked the other products I’ve tried from this line so far. Well…I didn’t like it. I won’t say I didn’t like the product, as I don’t know if it’s the product I don’t like…or the co-wash. I’ve never co-washed and TO ME it didn’t feel like I cleaned my hair. It almost felt like there was still product IN my hair after the wash. And…now that I think about it…I didn’t really like the way the Pantene Co-Wash felt on my hair when I was washing. It was overall not a great experience. I used Cantu Shea Butter Leave In to moisturize and I did my bun overnight to stretch and dry. So I know there’s alot of talk about hair types and etc and I have no idea even where to start with mines. I would like to say I’m somewhere in the 4a/b range but who knows. What I do know is that my hair takes forever and a day to dry. Does that mean something? I don’t know. I’ll google it.

On Tuesday night I decided to do a flat twist.  I had seen a friend of mine do one and it look so pretty so of course I wanted to do one too. Ok so mine just did NOT come out the way hers did! And that’s cool.  First it was kinda tangling when I went to untwist. That caused a lot of the curls to lose definition with me trying to untangle while taking out the twist. So then it kinda just looked frizzy. Next either the remnants of the bad cowash or the Motions Define My Curl Creme that I used didn’t vibe right and the overall feel of my hair was just BLAH. Not dry but not soft. Kinda crunchy. Didn’t like it. Finally, the direction that I did the flat twist it just wasn’t right. So it just came out looking all over the place. Bottom line. It was a total failure and I wound up scratching the whole thing and wearing a bun Tuesday for work :(.

I’m definitely learning ALOT. Not really learning what my hair likes but I am obviously amazing at learning what it doesn’t ;).  For one I am really starting to see what people tend to just cut it all off rather than transition. The difference between the two hair textures is crazy. We’ll see. I’m thinking of doing a protective style that will last me a few weeks. Something low maintenance. I’m still dealing with some postpartum hair loss (which I had BAD this time around) so I’m just trying to figure what to do so I don’t walk around looking crazy. I’m kinda tired of buns everyday. Or as my prince Shawn would say “Mommy you wearing hot buns again??” (Hot buns are some like bun tool to help you achieve the perfect bun. I don’t use them but this commerical comes on all the time and my 4 year old thinks my bun is a hot bun. Go figure lol).

And so the journey continues.


This Brown Queen