Style Me | Floral Shorts

This summer I have been obsessed with floral print. I don’t know why as I’ve never really liked it before. But,  this trend has really grown on me. Although the days are flying and I’m already seeing back to school ads (where has the time gone?), I took advantage of a few early summer sales and picked up a couple pairs of floral print shorts.  I can’t wait to rock them! The thing with floral print though is you have to be careful. The line between chic and not, is very thin. You DON’T want to end up looking like someone’s grandma (*waves* Hey Grandma Hey!). So in case you’re itching to wear some floral before the summer ends, but are not quite sure how to style them, here are a couple of cute, simple ways to rock floral shorts! Enjoy!

Going Floral

soft petal final

Easy peasy. And super cute! So what do you think of floral? Yay or nay?

Peace, Love, & Blessings

Tyshia Shante
Founder and Editor of This Brown Queen

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