CrazySexyCool: TLC Movie

Last night the world gathered around. Little boys and girls everywhere grabbed their popcorn and settled in front of the TV for a VH1 Original Movie premiere. LOL ok that was pretty dramatic but I’m telling you last night was a nostalgic trip down memory lane and if you’re a twitter junkie it was like reliving our childhood with thousands of our besties. Yea twitter gets deep and we all come together for moments like this… If you’re still reading like o_O. I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you missed the CrazySexyCool TLC Movie last night and it was amazing. YEP. Amazing. Say otherwise and you’re a hater. *shrugs*

Leading up to the premiere the streets were talking. As the streets tend to do, all I heard was negativity. People thought it was going to be a bust. That the cast was poorly chosen. That VH1 couldn’t handle the story. Um no. Wrong. Drew Sidora (T-Boz) was great! She channeled T-Boz cool like no other. Such a gorgeous and talented lady. I loved her. I’ll admit, when I first heard that Drew Sidora was starring as T-Boz I was like…wait…the girl from The Game? Wait she’s a real person? *side eye* But she really killed it. Two snaps Drew boo! Keke Palmer (Chilli) was gorgeous! She has grown into such a beautiful woman. I’ve loved Keke for years now so I’m probably biased but I think she did good as well. *Note: I said good. It wasn’t awesome but she delivered a solid performance and held her own. Go girl!  But the REAL star of the show…THE REAL STAR was Lil Mama. Chillllllleee if I wasn’t watching Left Eye on TV the devil is a lie! She brought out Lisa Lopes for real for real I mean to a T. On point. Lil hunny was serving the entire movie. From start. To finish. Oh the shade that was being thrown around before the movie debuted. Nobody and I mean nobody thought she’d be able to pull it off! Welp. Whether you liked the movie or not, there is no denying she delivered. Point blank period. Okay *clears throat* now that my Lil Mama as Left Eye stanning is complete…

The movie itself was well written. It played like the perfect 90’s timeline. We watched TLC go from kids with dreams to superstars. I learned Left Eye was originally from my hometown (S/O to Philly!), that Chilli wasn’t the original C, and that Pebbles…was the devil himself. Oh Pebbles. Twitter snatched Pebbles edges last night and dragged her ALL NIGHT LONG. I don’t know if she’ll ever show up again. We watched as this woman stole so much money from these girls. I’m talking millions! Platinum selling superstars and she bought them Toyota’s. A whole mess. There were real moments. Chilli’s first pregnancy and her downright foolishness when it came to baby daddy Dallas Austin. We took a closer look into T-Boz sickness and her strength to defeat all odds against her. We watched the evolution of TLC last night on Vh1 and I loved it!


If you didn’t catch the movie it’s definitely worth watching and we all now how VH1 is…you’ll be able to catch it again. If you did watch, what did you think? Loved it? Hated it? Take it or leave it? Let me know!

Peace, Love, & Blessings



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