Keep It Fresh!

This past ┬áMonday, my husband I did something random. It was a Monday, but our local “getaway spot” was having some good deals on hotels. I was able to get us a King Suite for less than $75 a night. So I called my mom wayyy in advance to babysit for a night. I didn’t tell my husband at first. I casually waited until right before he was leaving for a tour to tell him┬áthat when he came home we were going away. He was superrr hype! YES! I surprised him.

Monday after work we packed a bag and hit the road. An hour later it was just me and hubby in Atlantic City. We had a ball! No kids?! What! Just us? What! We turned that little one night getaway all the the way up!

If I could sum up our night away in three words it would be “We needed that”. Life gets crazy. With children, his demanding work schedule, our daily grind and routine. It’s easy to get in a rut. And it’s easy to miss each other even when you see each other everyday. It’s even easier when your spouse travels for work like mines. I never want to be in a marriage where we miss each other without even realizing it till one day we don’t even know each other! No ma’am. That is not for this Queen.

It’s important to keep it fresh. Keep it interesting. Have with each other. Plan time for just you and your King if that’s only a quick one night get away. Trust me. You’ll wake up the next day feeling totally refreshed!


This Brown Queen