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Love Links Autumn

Hey beauties! Happy Friday! It’s the first weekend of Fall and I’ve been having all pumpkin spice everything for the past couple of weeks so I’m more than ready. I like to be prepared for these sort of things ;). Last weekend was super busy for me attending work events in the city and tending to the crew. A mothers job is nevaaa done. This weekend I intend to chill and catch up on blog things. Leaving you all with a few good links.

9.26.14 Love in Links

1. So there’s an Olivia Pope clothing line from The Limited. I. Need. It.

2. Thank you Marie over at Good Lookn Out for putting me on to Niki Kobi. She is a phenomenal artist that truly captures the essence of black women.

3. Get into this mentor in my head post from Think and Grow Chick. We have the same mentor…in our heads of course lol.

4. This post about starting a blog was sooo real lol.

5. So I was genuinely inspired by this creative story behind the company Studio Mucci.

6. Found this blog with lots of great info for career women. Loved these 15 tips for smart women.

Happy Fall! Stay Blessed Beautiful!





8 thoughts on “Love in Links

  1. Heyyyy!!!!! Thanks for the shout. Glad you dig the post. I figure a lot of bloggers (and blogger wannabes) could relate to it lol. Loving your blog and thank YOU for introducing me to Niki Kobi. And I’m gunna have to get some of those Olivia Pope coats from limited! #win.

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