Fall Beauty Wish List


Queens! I’ve seriously seriously missed you. Can you believe the insanity that is me not posting since August 1st?! I can’t. I could go into the long drawn out craziness that caused such a long absence but the short version is I got sick. Like really sick. Nothing too crazy but definitely a rough couple of weeks while I tried to get better. Which as a mother, when you’re sick it’s just like another day to them so my recovery was anything but quick and sweet. I’m so glad to finally be feeling like myself again and to be back here! Right in time for the changing seasons, trends, and my favorite time of the year!

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Summer Beauty: Skincare Regimen

When it comes to this beauty thing, it’s easy to blog endlessly about the newest lipstick or favorite bronzer or which foundation I’m loving at the moment (because it’s forever changing). But I know for me, one thing that I tend to overlook here on the blog is the importance of caring for your skin. I’ll be honest though,  and I’m no professional, but I’ve watched my fair share of YouTube videos where the skin care routine is literally 50 million steps and I’m just O_O yea, no. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But some type of skincare regimen is important. Especially in the summer when you’re out in the sun, beach, oily, sweaty and…you get the picture.

Summer Beauty_Skincare Regimen

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Glam Mama: 5 Beauty Products on the Go

I’ve always admired those moms. You know the ones who look absolutely fabulous from head to toe, carrying a toddler in one arm, pushing a stroller with the other, and balancing a designer bag on her shoulder. The Queen glam mommy for me has to be Kimora Lee Simmons. She’s always so flawless and with her children in tow. Just slaying all day err day.

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Beauty Things: May Favorites

May Favorites Main

I feel like I haven’t done a favorites post in so long. Every time I try to get back on board…I fail *Kanye shrug*. But let us not dwell on the past and instead focus on how awesome is it that I’m doing a monthly favorites on the last day of the actual month! Do you know how major that is?! Of course, because it’s me, most (read all) of my favorites are beauty things. That’s just the kinda girl I am <3.

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Beauty Review: Shea Moisture Creme Concealer

Shea Moisture Creme Concealer Review

Loves! It’s Monday, it’s May, and I’m back! I could start this post and go into where I’ve been this last week or so but I don’t even want to relive the craziness that was me waiting to pick up my Macbook from being repaired. It. Got. Real. I’d rather just jump right in and put all that behind me :). What better way to get back into things this week than with a beauty review! I’ve been trying and testing and trying some more and here it is finally! My first review of the Shea Moisture makeup line!

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Beyond Beauty: Brown Brands Making Moves

Brown Girls

Hello Loves. As you all know brown beauty is my thing. It’s what I do. I’ve always been very passionate about the beauty industry and it’s seemingly blind eye towards women of color. Some brands get it…most do not. I’ve been very firm in my stance and have strived to support those brands that support us. The beauty industry has definitely come a long way and there’s still ways to go, but you can imagine how truly happy I was to come across this article highlighting a new age in brown beauty.

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Found it! Shea Moisture Cosmetics Line is Here!

Oh happy day! It goes without saying how I excited I was about the new Shea Moisture cosmetics line. A couple weeks ago I started to see the first sightings on Twitter and Instagram. The new Spring collection had hit some Target stores and instantly my evening was laid out for me. Go to (every) Target store and get some! Well it was nowhere be found :(. I had just about given up that it wasn’t coming to Philly when I saw on the Shea Moisture Pinterest that there was a #sheaspotting at my local Target!


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Shea Moisture Olive & Marula Baby Review!

And my obsession continues. I really am just totally in love with Shea Moisture. Not just because my hair loves their raw shea butter deep treatment masque, or that my skin thrives off their Coconut & Hibiscus face and body bar, even though these are MAJOR…but I’m a sucker for branding and Shea Moisture has really done an amazing job hands down. So when they started releasing products that I could buy for the whole family, well you KNOW I was all for it!


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For Him | 5 “Grooming Products” to Buy

5 Grooming Products for Your Man

So I was reorganizing my makeup collection and vanity last weekend and I couldn’t help but notice how empty and bare my husbands area looked. It was a little sad lol. For me, there were hair products, moisturizers, cleansers, oils and full size makeup organizers. And…NOTHING for him! I’ve failed y’all. What type of beauty blogger doesn’t look out for her man? Well time to change that and revamp the babes “man beauty” arsenal and give some life to “his” side of the bureau ;). So what products are perfect beauty *ahem* grooming products for your man? Well, here are my choices!

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Beauty Buzz | Shea Moisture + NYFW + New Cosmetics Line!

Beauty News

I KNOW I’m not alone in my obsession with Shea Moisture. I absolutely love this company and their products. I’ve even gotten my family in on it and bought the Mr. a few products from the Three Butters men’s collection and Shea Moisture Baby products for manman (reviews coming soon!). As a natural gal Shea Moisture is IT when it comes to hair care. Their branding is phenomenal and I’m pretty much obsessed with them. SO you can imagine my surprise and total ecstasy when I came across this article on Happi.com!

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