Someone once told me  that I was going to have to work twice as hard to make it in this world. That I was born with two strikes against me. One: I was Black. Two: I was a Woman. So with two strikes against me, I set off in life on a mission. To be everything they said I couldn’t. I’d work two, three, ten times as hard if need be but I’d do it.  Today I find myself with quite a way to go, but steadfast on my journey. I am a Christian above all else. A WIFE. A mother (2 of my own and 2 wedding gifts). An employee. A college student. A blogger. An entrepreneur. A manager. All among my many other talents.

I created this blog to take other Queens along with me. To empower and support them to know that we CAN be everything and anything we want to be. We can raise a family. We can own our own businesses. We can praise the Lord. We can be beautiful. We can do it ALL. I started off life not with strikes…but with swords…I am BROWN. And I’m a QUEEN. This Brown Queen is my happy place for brown girls to be inspired and celebrate everything that makes us beautiful. I write about things that make me happy whether that be a new lipstick, pair of shoes, a bible scripture, or a brown girl making moves. I have a passion for pretty things and a purpose to celebrate brown women doing big things!

The road is rough…obviously or it wouldn’t be the road less taken.  Remember: “Heavy is the head that holds the crown”…Be blessed Queen :-*




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