Her Life | Maximizing the Hours in Your Day

My loves! So I’m taking a mini break from my usual beauty posts and writing about life today. Things have been pretty crazy these recent weeks between blogging, working on a writing project, working full time, assisting with my husband’s business, fulfilling my mommy and wife duties and more. WHEW! I’m tired just writing about it let alone living it! Which prompted me to write about something I’m sure my brown queens can relate to and that’s how to maximize the hours in a day. Now I know we’ve all seen the memes telling us that “We have the same 24 hours in your day as Beyonce” and I’m sure that I wasn’t alone giving my *side eye* like PUH-LEASE. I have no nanny, housekeeper, personal chef, driver, assistant and whatever else King Bey has so…no my 24 hours are a tad bit different ;). However, I’m sure there are things that can be done in order to squeeze a little bit more time out of my day. Here’s what I’ve been doing and I’m sharing with my queens! Hopefully some of you can relate and put these into practice!

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My Life in 32 days

Today my husband left to go on tour. He’ll be gone for a month overseas touring Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Following my last post I had an idea. Touring never gets easy. Trust me. There’s something really unsettling about seeing your spouse everyday and then having him disappear for days, weeks, and now a month at a time. It’s like this weird situation where you feel bounced between married life and single parent life and it’s quite the experience. It’s been my personal goal to get better at this. To not feel so alone, and lost when my husband goes away. I decided that being the Queen that I am, I can be just as amazing and fabulous when hubby’s away. It doesn’t have to stop! My fun doesn’t have to end! I can still be great! The kids and I can still do family things! I don’t have to sit around waiting until he returns.

One of the things I’ve noticed most about myself (and one of the main reasons I started this blog) was that I tend to put myself last on my list of things to do. Most days you can find me so consumed with my family and husband that I don’t find the time to take care of me! I’ve gotten TREMENDOUSLY better at this but there’s still a ways to go. And regression is a pain. So I’m going to take this month to perfect my craft. To truly be the BROWN QUEEN that I am. I’m going to make this month a personal journey. For the next 32 days, I will focus on this brown queen. I hope you enjoy my life in 32 days!

Day 1.


This Brown Queen

I’m A Dance Wife

One of the most interesting aspects of my life is that I’m married to a professional dancer. My husband is the Assistant Artistic Director of a Hip Hop dance company that performs locally, nationally, and internationally. I use the word “interesting” because that’s really the only word that I can really use to describe my lifestyle as the Queen of a Dance King. It’s interesting. My husband’s demanding profession comes with a lot of baggage. It’s a double-sided coin this life. There’s the fact that I married to an artist. And anyone who knows artists know how they are about their passion. On one hand it’s inspiring. To see him perform, to see how passionate he is about what he does, you can’t not be inspired at his story. But with great passion comes great sacrifice. Which for my family means, birthdays are missed, holidays are passed without him, month long tours leave me feeling like a single parent, missing my husband, lonely nights. Sometimes I feel as though we (myself and the kids) are the only ones who feel the sacrifice of his profession…which I’m sure isn’t true. I can only wonder what he feels being away so often. But he’s doing what he loves. His career is his passion. And to see from where he’s come it’s truly an inspiration.

There are ups and downs as with any profession or circumstance. So instead of looking at the glass half empty, choose to think of it as half full. I found that positivity is key. I’m inspired by my husband. To do what I love. He opens my eyes to a different world. A different way of thinking. That anything is possible.


This Brown Queen

Keep It Fresh!

This past  Monday, my husband I did something random. It was a Monday, but our local “getaway spot” was having some good deals on hotels. I was able to get us a King Suite for less than $75 a night. So I called my mom wayyy in advance to babysit for a night. I didn’t tell my husband at first. I casually waited until right before he was leaving for a tour to tell him that when he came home we were going away. He was superrr hype! YES! I surprised him.

Monday after work we packed a bag and hit the road. An hour later it was just me and hubby in Atlantic City. We had a ball! No kids?! What! Just us? What! We turned that little one night getaway all the the way up!

If I could sum up our night away in three words it would be “We needed that”. Life gets crazy. With children, his demanding work schedule, our daily grind and routine. It’s easy to get in a rut. And it’s easy to miss each other even when you see each other everyday. It’s even easier when your spouse travels for work like mines. I never want to be in a marriage where we miss each other without even realizing it till one day we don’t even know each other! No ma’am. That is not for this Queen.

It’s important to keep it fresh. Keep it interesting. Have with each other. Plan time for just you and your King if that’s only a quick one night get away. Trust me. You’ll wake up the next day feeling totally refreshed!


This Brown Queen