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Her Life-Blogging, Thoughts etc

Loves! I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long. Just about my thoughts, the blog, and other randomness that is THIS brown queen. I know I wrote a little while back about how I was missing but I promised I’d be back and better, but then nothing. Lol please forgive me loves. Don’t charge it to my heart! I guess I’ve just been feeling different about what’s really important here. I love blogging about my beauty obsessions and love for all things pretty. Seriously, it is like the ultimate combination of everything I love to do. I think in this mainstream blogging thing and the pursuit of just trying to keep up it’s easy to lose yourself and the focus of the goal.

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Vintage Beauty | Love Yourself Completely

*VINTAGE BEAUTY post from This Brown Queen originally posted in April 2013*

Hello beauties! I wanted to take today to focus on something different than my usual ramblings. Today I wanted to talk about inner beauty and loving yourself. One of the most important things you can do Queens is to LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY. To me, this means not only accepting but embracing everything that makes you uniquely YOU! God makes no mistakes Queens. You look how you look, you are who you are for a very divine reason. While makeup is fun (clearly, you have witnessed my obsession!), it isn’t a means of transformation but rather a means of enhancement. To enhance your natural beautiful self. We are ALL beauty Queens in our own way!


This is one of my favorite quick pictures. Not because of the makeup (but do you see that gorgeous pink in my inner corner? Loveee) but rather the up close and personal features of ME. When I was younger I was teased for my forehead and my big eyes.  Kids be so cruel man! But I mean…it IS true, and I LOVE it! I EMBRACE IT. What they may have called big, I call amazing. I make my eyes stand out every chance I get (not that they need it 😉 ).  But this is me. Take it or leave it! What’s funny though…is when I started loving me, the “teasing” grew to compliments. What used to be viewed negatively, I flaunted and then it was cool. Life is funny like that. The point of my post Queens is this: Never alter yourself for the sake of others. Love Yourself first and others will follow. And if they don’t follow…you don’t really need to be associated with those people anyway 😉


Stay Blessed & Beautiful!




This Brown Queen | Madame CJ Walker


“I am a woman who came from the cotton fields of the South. From there I was promoted to the washtub. From there I was promoted to the cook kitchen. And from there I promoted myself into the business of manufacturing hair goods and preparations….I have built my own factory on my own ground.”

Madam Walker
July 1912

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Reflections, Update & Giveaway!

Hello loves! I just wanted to drop in and do a different kind of post today as we near the close of the year! Get a little personal with ya’ll you know? 2013 has been some kinda crazy and it gets greater everyday so I can only imagine what’s in store for 2014!

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Reflections | Beyond Beauty

I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and I think that it’s safe to say I’m pretty much obsessed with the beautifully chaotic world that is the blogosphere. Throughout these last few months my blog has grown and evolved so much and I thank all my readers and supporters for that! You all are very much appreciated <3. As I cross my 6 month mark I find myself reflecting on what This Brown Queen stands for and what I want to do here on the blog, my other social media outlets, and my life. Though, I’m all over the place (as I usually am) one thing is for certain…This Brown Queen is BEAUTIFUL. The blog, the mission, the goal. The connections I’ve made. The people I’ve come across. The communities of bloggers I participate in. The amazing brown queens I encounter all over the world (thanks to the internet). Simply beautiful.

I consider myself to be a self proclaimed beauty connoisseur and I wear that crown proudly. I LOVE beauty and all things pretty. But…I stress the importance that beauty TO ME, is more than a pretty face. It’s more than the make up that you wear, or the clothes you buy. Beauty is YOU. It’s within you. It’s outside of you. It’s around you. It’s the passion my queens have for their businesses. It’s the confidence I see from people stepping outside their comfort zones. It’s empowerment of women to women. It’s all of that. Wrapped up in a pretty brown bow. I think each person has a different belief in what beauty is to them and I want to inspire and support you to do whatever it is that you feel makes you beautiful. For THIS brown queen that’s a pretty lipstick and new shoes…(and a baby cloth over my shoulder because Jr is unpredictable and I don’t want no problems 😉 ). For YOU queen it could be anything. As long as you are KNOW that You are Beautiful.

Thanks for continuing along with me on this journey of my beautiful brown life. I will continue to bring you the best in beauty, fashion, motherhood and life. I hope that you continue to stick with me while I continue to chase dreams and write from the heart in red lipstick and pumps. And be sure to look out for my new venture, combining my passion for beauty and support of my queens!

Peace, Love, & Blessings



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Reflections | Random Thoughts…

It’s hard for me to take in this life thing sometime.
For me.

It’s like, I want to do everything.
All of it.
But there’s no time…or is there?

Sometimes I get suffocated by the beauty of life.
And all that you can do.

And other times I’m highly disappointed that I’m not THERE yet.

I’m thankful though.

Most of the time I over think life.
It’s a gift and a curse.

But I really just want to live…on my terms…and be happy.
Is that my dream?

Then there’s just not enough hours in the day.
Ya know, to make my dreams a reality.
I can barely make my family dinner after work.

Work. Whose idea was this?

You make time “they say”. Well…that sounds easy.
Sarcasm font.

“Hold fast to dreams”…
I will.

It WILL happen one day.
That’s faith.

I believe in faith.
In hope. In love. In life.

How could I not?

Have you seen my babies…they are miracles.

Peace, Love, & Blessings



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Reflections | This is 26


Happy Birthday to me! Yesterday was THIS Brown queens birthday. Yesterday I turned…26…

I actually had a lot of mixed feelings leading up to this day. I had started and stopped this post at least five times and finally gave up deciding that I couldn’t actually write a post about being 26 until I WAS 26. Call it cliche or corny or whatever but I’m real funny about things like that *shrugs*. Anyway now that the anxiety has waned, the day is here, and I have finally said goodbye to 25…I can properly introduce you to 26.

26 is a weird age. It is. You’re past the early to mid twenty stage. It’s gone. Everything from this point on is considered late twenties. Omg…late twenties. That’s crazy. So yea you’re officially in your late twenties. Any major decisions you make from here on out could go either way. Most won’t affect your life like forever. You still have plenty of room to grow, learn, make mistakes, fall and get up. However it’s now clear that you have to start thinking about the future. If you are like any normal 26 year old, you’re probably not where you thought you’d be in life. And if you scroll your Facebook news feed apparently everyone else is doing everything your not. Don’t believe that hype though. It lies I promise. Looking back if you asked me what would I be doing at 26, I’d tell you married with kids, homeowner, awesome career, working on my Masters degree. Living the life. Well…at 26 I don’t exactly have that and that’s okay. Today isn’t a day to complain on what I don’t have. Rather a time to rejoice over what I do. This is 26.

26 is finding true love. My soul mate. Marriage is everything I imagined and everything I didn’t at the same damn time. 26 is sacrificing those expensive pair of shoes for 3 pairs of kids sneakers instead. 26 is finally getting a date night with the husband and having that moment midway through the date where we say simultaneously “I miss Manman”. 26 is taking that mentality of not caring what other think and actually legitimately, not caring. 26 is coming into my own person. Really figuring out what it is to be me. 26 is admitting that I’m not just too tired to go to the club but that *gasp* I don’t want to go to the club. Turning up now means wine and movie after the kids go to bed. 26 is having a quarter life crisis at least every other day where I have to analyze and re-analyze my life so far. What do I do? What am I doing? What do I want to do? are questions I ask myself as frequently as I ask what do I want to eat. 26 is finally admitting that although I am still very petite…that baby weight is a bit more stubborn this time around in certain areas and a gym membership or at least a simple work out routine may be in order. 26 is one hundred percent legitimately concerned about other people’s well being before my own. Motherhood. 26 is LIFE.

Of course this whole life thing is totally subjective. My 26 isn’t your 26. And that’s perfectly okay. Regardless we’re here. In this moment. Today. This is 26. Love it. Embrace it. I’ll never be this age again!

Peace. Love. Blessings.

Tyshia Shante
Founder & Editor of This Brown Queen

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