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In the spirit of spring I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house and this past weekend the task was my makeup storage and organization…well at least part one of it (don’t judge!) and I found so many old favorites that have made their way to the back of my collection. It was like going shopping in my own collection! This was a perfect opportunity to pull out some old faves for fresh new beauty looks!

Shop Your Stash

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FOTD | Simple Look ft. Rimmel London Moisture Renew


This past weekend was the weather I’ve been waiting for! Saturday was so pretty out. Just lovely. I was super busy, as usual this weekend but most of the day Saturday I was out running errands. Perfect day for simple makeup and bright colors. Continue reading

Fab Friday | My Favorite Makeup Look

Fabulous Friday

Happy Friday Queens! TGIF, TGIF. It’s been forever since I’ve done a Fab Friday post! To be honest, whenever I have a blog worthy beat face, I never remember to take a pic. Le sigh, such is life. But I’m working on this for you loves! And here it is! My current favorite makeup! Enjoy!

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Beauty Junkie | Concealer Crazed

Every beauty queen can agree that there is always that one product that alludes us. No matter how much of it we have, we want more! Maybe because we’re just that obsessed. Like say, my slightly unhealthy obsession with brow pencils…I can’t seem to get enough. But sometimes, it’s because we just haven’t found what we’re looking for. For THIS brown queen it’s concealer. Concealer has been the most difficult product for me to find a LOVE. I have my favorite signature lipstick. I have my go to foundation. I have my staple blush. But concealer? It’s always a guess. Every time I do my make up, I use a different one…or a combination of ones. So I thought I’d help my fellow beauty queens and go through my make up collection to bring you this quick list and of tried and tested concealers of THIS brown queen. Hopefully I can help a beauty out there who is going through my same struggles ;).

Crazy 4 Concealer

1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer ~ One of the first concealers I purchased. I use the Fit Me foundation so it only made sense to purchase the concealer to go along with. The applicator is the sponge tip stick which allows for easy and controlled application. The consistency is very smooth and easy to blend. I use this under my eyes when I’m doing a full face. The darkest shade is a bit too light for me personally so it’s definitely not good for my brows and I wouldn’t wear this one daily.

2. CoverGirl Queen Collection  Concealer ~ The consistency and application reminds me of the Maybelline concealer. I can’t say I notice a real difference. What’s great about this one though is the range of shades is much broader. They have deeper tones for us brown girls so you can find a shade that works for you. I tend to use this mostly to clean up my brows and to cover and dark spots on my face. Especially in the summer when I forgo the foundation, I’ll dab this concealer and blend. Perfect.

3. Black Opal Concealer Stick ~ Currently my favorite concealer. Picked this up on a whim at CVS and wasn’t really expecting to like it. I don’t really like stick concealers. The color is the PERFECT match to brighten up under my eyes for daily use. I’m not keen on the smell though…smells a little “makeup-ey” but works great.

4. Elf Concealer Palette in Dark ~ Meh. I don’t like the coverage, consistency or application of this product. It just is a miss for me. Was only $3 I believe so…yeah…

5. BH Cosmetics 10 Color Concealer Palette ~ I purchased this for a freelance gig I had a while back. It’s very thick and creamy…a bit difficult to blend but the range of shades is great. I could mix shades to get a perfect match which I love. I don’t use this on myself personally, but I have used it on a few people and it does the job.

So that’s about half of my concealer collection in a nutshell. It’s an ever growing collection I’m sure. What concealer do you use? Let me know your favorites so I can try them out!

Peace, Love, & Blessings


Tyshia Shante
Founder & Editor of This Brown Queen

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