Brown Girl Making Moves: Danielle P. Jeter of Affairs of Isis

A large part of This Brown Queen is the support and empowerment of brown girls. Since starting the blog I’m so happy to have really been able to make some awesome connections and meet so many inspiring women both here in Philly, around the country, and online. Blogging perks at it’s finest. Most recently I’ve been able to connect with a fellow Philly girl who just achieved the esteem honor of being named the African American Chamber of Commerce Young Professional of the Year! Danielle is the CEO of Affairs of Isis and one of the hardest working girls I know! Check out the this awesome recap of the event honoring Ms. Jeter.

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Event Recap | In Her Shoes + Essence Magazine: Beauties & Brains Behind the Brands II

If you read my what I wore post, you know that last Sunday I headed to NYC for In Her Shoes blog 5th anniversary event: Beauties and Brains Behind the Brands II. Because I have been absolutely SWAMPED this “recap” is mad late, but don’t charge it to my heart loves. I still wanted to bring you all a few take aways from this uber inspiring event.


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Beauty News | Lupita Nyong’o for Lancôme!


Be still my heart! *Cue dramatics because well…I’m dramatic lol* So this morning, while pressing snooze on my phone and scrolling Instagram I came across an obviously flawless picture of my best friend Lupita. Thinking simply to myself “Lupita so pretty likeee I can’t take it.” as usual. But then, THEN I read the caption on HuffPostBeauty which read “Breaking News! Lupita Nyong’o for Lancôme US” and that’s when I just about lost it.

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Beauty Talk | Shop Your Stash!

In the spirit of spring I’ve been doing some cleaning around the house and this past weekend the task was my makeup storage and organization…well at least part one of it (don’t judge!) and I found so many old favorites that have made their way to the back of my collection. It was like going shopping in my own collection! This was a perfect opportunity to pull out some old faves for fresh new beauty looks!

Shop Your Stash

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February Favorites | Makeup, Nails, & Skin!

It’s the fourth day of March and this is technically late but ehh who’s counting? I told ya’ll I would get better with my monthly favorites starting in January so here I am! Pretty much all my favorites last month were makeup products. No surprises there! But I do have a great nail and skincare fave as well so that makes this versatile…right? No? Oh well. Let’s get into it anyway ;).

February Favorites

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Natural Hair | As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner Review

Happy Friday Queens! I can’t believe next month…well tomorrow (how is it already March?!) is the one year anniversary of my returning to natural journey. I remember last year being in such an unsure place with all the products and regimens and everything else that comes along with being a natural girl. My my how things have changed ;). Now, here I am one year in and 3 months post big chop! I’m finally in a place where I’m still learning every day but am now able to share some of my knowledge that I’ve gained along the way. It’s been an incredible journey to say the least and I can’t wait to share my reflection post with you guys next month! But today, we’re reviewing a product that has become a STAPLE in my routine. This right here is my crowns bff for real! The As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner is is simply amazing!

Beauty Chat | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


As you know from my most recent haul post, I’ve bought a few new goodies recently. I seriously need to go on a no buy lol. What I didn’t include in that post were the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this product and with the new colors added for Spring 2014 it was past time for me to test these lovelies out!

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Beauty Haul | Maybelline Spring 2014

Hey loves! So I RARELY do haul posts but this one was so necessary! Ever since the internets started buzzing about Maybelline’s Spring collection I was READY. All I knew was that there’d be limited edition the buffs lipsticks and the nudes nail lacquers. So pretty much perfection in a bottle. It honestly took me awhile to find these. But they finally turned out up at my local Rite Aid and of course I had to pick up a few things.


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Vintage Beauty | Love Yourself Completely

*VINTAGE BEAUTY post from This Brown Queen originally posted in April 2013*

Hello beauties! I wanted to take today to focus on something different than my usual ramblings. Today I wanted to talk about inner beauty and loving yourself. One of the most important things you can do Queens is to LOVE YOURSELF COMPLETELY. To me, this means not only accepting but embracing everything that makes you uniquely YOU! God makes no mistakes Queens. You look how you look, you are who you are for a very divine reason. While makeup is fun (clearly, you have witnessed my obsession!), it isn’t a means of transformation but rather a means of enhancement. To enhance your natural beautiful self. We are ALL beauty Queens in our own way!


This is one of my favorite quick pictures. Not because of the makeup (but do you see that gorgeous pink in my inner corner? Loveee) but rather the up close and personal features of ME. When I was younger I was teased for my forehead and my big eyes.  Kids be so cruel man! But I mean…it IS true, and I LOVE it! I EMBRACE IT. What they may have called big, I call amazing. I make my eyes stand out every chance I get (not that they need it 😉 ).  But this is me. Take it or leave it! What’s funny though…is when I started loving me, the “teasing” grew to compliments. What used to be viewed negatively, I flaunted and then it was cool. Life is funny like that. The point of my post Queens is this: Never alter yourself for the sake of others. Love Yourself first and others will follow. And if they don’t follow…you don’t really need to be associated with those people anyway 😉


Stay Blessed & Beautiful!